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Baby Gronk Gone Viral: OSU’s Connection to Class of 2031 Football Recruit

There is a lot happening here.



[Twitter: @BabyGronk5]

Who is Baby Gronk?

Why is he going viral on social media?

And why, for the love of all that is holy, should you care about the happenings of a 10-year-old?

Let me tackle those questions in order.

First off: Baby Gronk is Baby Gronk. It’s just a nickname playing off, you know, the Large Human version of Rob Gronkowski, as you might expect. His real name is Madden San Miguel and he is a Class of 2031 (!!!!) football recruit.

Yes, Class of 2031.

Baby Gronk has been something of a social media sensation hidden in plain sight in recent years, the product of his father’s hype machine. He has 300K+ followers across social media and has taken pics with Shaq, Druski, and Mark Wahlberg, to name a few. If there’s an A-list of 10-year-old celebs, he might be No. 1 on such a list. (Side note: please do not keep such a list.)

He is going viral this week after a video posted to his YouTube months ago was unearthed in which he hugged Livvy Dunne — a social media star and gymnast at LSU. That video was subsequently broken down into a hilarious, borderline creepy TikTok that, well … you just have to see for yourself?

So yeah, that’s a thing that happened and is now happening.

So last question you might have: Why in the world do we care about Baby Gronk?

Fair! Baby Gronk, though, is technically an OSU football recruit, though the word technically may be doing a marathon worth of work here. He visited Stillwater one year ago this week after finishing third grade (!!!!!), and OSU made his Top 100 list (LOL) last May. He tweeted out the below pics recapping his trip last summer.

Tylan Wallace responded to the tweet with fire emojis, as did Christian Holmes. The recruitment has already begun. (Unless, you know, it hasn’t since he’s 10 years old.)

Do with this information what you will. My prediction: if he keeps the mullet he becomes OSU QB1 by 2032 at the latest, right after the sixth Gundy kid finishes taking OSU to an eighth consecutive CFP title.

Can’t wait!

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