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Bedlam Superlatives



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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Oklahomans (what a game!), Berry Tramel (fodder for months), Landry’s draft stock, traditional uniforms, the Bedlam rivalry, Chelf train, Quinn Sharp ($), ESPN, and Natty Light sales in Norman, OK.

Losers: onside kicks, OU’s 2013 QB situation (!), Big 12 defense, both of these idiots, Kenny Stills (just because), that bro hanging off the back of the Schooner, Texas, Kansas State, and everybody rolling on Kelly Hines for simply tweeting a photo of OU’s celebration.

Uni Heisman: Joe Randle. Spectacular.

Best play: Duh…

Best player: Joe Randle barely over Lyndell Johnson. Monk kept drawing from the well and he kept delivering.

Quote: “What a drive” -Danny Kannell after OSU went up 38-27

It was such a simple thing to say but the incredulousness in his voice and the efficiency with which we put it together…man, I thought it could have been the dagger.

Photo: Harden?!

Model of efficiency: At one point Joe Randle had 2 TD on 4 yards.

Missed opportunity: If ORU or Tulsa had any dirty NCAA laundry to air, 6:30 PM on Saturday would have been about as good a time as they’re ever going to get.

Tweeter of the game: Quade, Amilian, and Nolan were next level all night. Big Tweeters show up big in big games. Also, bonus points for Quade’s kerfuffle with Danny Kannell (you know, the guy announcing the game).

Stat of the night: When Joe Randle scored in Q1 that wad OSU’s first lead in Norman since 2001.

“This might be the last thing these eyes ever see” award: The last minute of the game wins this. I might as well have been in a coma.

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