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Best of Mike Gundy’s press conference for Texas Tech

Mike Gundy on Texas Tech, Kliff Kingsbury, and the World Series.



0:52“Back at it”!

2:12 — The most Mike Gundy press conference moment ever.

2:55“It’s obvious that this is the best offensive football team we’ve played to this point.” Yes it is.

4:04“This was the first game that we had the same starting five [on the OL] as the week before.” This gives me hope.

4:33“We need to throw the football better, period.” Thanks, coach!

5:43“It ties in as a group on offense. They (the QBs) have improved.” Does he know his quarterback threw for 78 yards on Saturday?

7:10 — Gundy answers a question about man coverage: “I think there’s probably an eight or 10 or 12 percent increase in man coverage.” #Numbers

7:55“We’re going to play both guys. Hopefully we’ll have a plan going in and then we’ll see how the game goes.” Well I certainly hope you have a plan, too, coach.

9:15 — His face and answer here on how you get better at passing are hilarious: “We just practice. Just reps.”

10:41“Our throws have been just good.”

11:05“Prior to the last game we had a lot of drops.” Agreed, I’ve been saying that all year.

12:20“If Desmond continues to stay hot, we’ll use the other guy as a role player.” Gina tweeted this hilarious look at the depth chart before this press conference. I’m just throwing my hands up on this one. WHAT DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO?!

13:15“[Kliff] has a lot of enthusiasm and I’m sure he has a love for his university. It seems like he’s enjoying being a head coach.” Translation: “He’s bro-ing out of his mind. I want to break his frogskin sunglasses and feed them to Kye Staley on Saturday.”

15:10 — When asked if he was ever considered a heartthrob like Kliff is, Gundy said “I would have liked to have been. When you make as much money as he does and you’re single, a lot of people probably think you’re a heartthrob.”

17:25“They have a great environment there.” Translation: “It’s hell.”

18:04 — Gundy has no idea who picks the uniforms. I love this and I’m not being sarcastic. In any kind of organization a CEO shouldn’t know or even want to know about the trivial things. That’s a sign that things are running the right way.

18:59“Our players like that gray color.”

19:02 — Tells some good war stories, including one about him playing QB.

22:02 — On Dez getting upset one game at OSU: “He likes it when you throw him the ball.”

22:45 — Math.

23:15“I won’t be dressing up [for Halloween].”

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