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The Best Tweets From Bedlam 2016



Welp, that wasn’t super fun… We all have our takes, mostly spicy. Let’s get into them.

That’s hot but not unwarranted.

Then there’s this.

More on this later…

But we can own it…

I… um… yes.

The dude’s got moxie, though…

Here’s why I’ll never buy that, “It’s not a rivalry.” shtick.

So this says a lot…

And this says a lot about the Big 12 right now…

But this…

This might have been helpful at some point.

Why I think Mike Gundy deserves a ton of the blame on this one.

So true.. #RoadReindeer in full effect.

This can’t happen. BTW, is it “Johnny Mayfield” or “Baker Football”…?

On the other side,

Lastly, let’s hope for a better night. OSU plays at Maryland tonight at 8:00 p.m. CST.

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