Best tweets from KU win



Even more awesome.

Imagine that.

Yes he did.

He ended up 1-8 but still something to keep an eye on.

At the 8-minute mark.

Mini-shot at Ford?


Fire Ford.


Oh my.

  • Monkey Rusher

    AIDS > Nate

  • Phil Forte

    I made a three in 3 in the second half. I also agree with everything that Nate says. His kool aid tastes much better than the Porter Punch you all chug!

    • Ben

      How’s it going, Nate?

  • Nolo

    Give Nate a break. He keeps things interesting (although he could do it without so many derogatory remarks) but he made the trip to Lawrence and goes to the games (or so he says) so I’m sure even he will admit we ran good sets, forced turnovers, and won a big game where few have. Right, Nate? Right?

  • Okiecain

    Nate is the best….I would love to see him do a post on this blog. True fan.