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Big 12 Power Poll – Week 1



12. Passing stats – Brandon Weeden, Landry Jones, Robert Griffin, and Seth Doege currently make up four of the top nine passers in college football. Also, OU, OSU, and Baylor are the three teams with the most passing yards in the country. Winners: fans who love shootouts, losers: fans who love sleep.

11. Dan Beebe – He’s falling like a rock but I have to put him on here for giving us one more great year of the Big 12. Next week Fake Dan Beebe will take his place.

10. 2nd half comebacks – Tech was down 10-9 at half, Iowa State trailed by – late, so did Kansas State. All came back to win. I’m not sure if this is good (because they won) or bad (because none of them were playing a D-1 team) but at least all saved face during a time in which the conference is doing anything but that.

9. Garrett Gilbert watch – Mostly just for my own entertainment. We’re aware that they played three different guys at QB, right? This is going to end in a fiery mess that even Mack won’t be able to clean up.

8. Twitter – I’ve almost foregone college football score apps in lieu of following on Twitter. I think it was @kevindeshazo that said it best one time, “Twitter + college football = heaven.”

7. Malcolm Brown – 16 for 86 is impressive no matter who you’re playing. To do it at home with an entire nation a few people watching you on your own network after the Rice band punked your entire organization is even better. I expect big things from the #1 RB recruit in the country.

6. Teach me how to Doege shirts – Somebody make this happen, please. I don’t ask for much.

5. Visors – Pinkel, Gundy, Stoops – who isn’t wearing one? I guess if Bill Snyder or Mack Brown ever dons one this will occupy the #1 spot forever with just a screenshot of Snyder’s white locks flowing through the top of a Willie the Wildcat lid.

4. Austin Box tribute – From Travis Haney’s work to the nameless #12 Tom Wort wore, just a tasteful tribute by our friends down south. Well done, Oklahoma.

3. Opening weekend wins – This was the first time the conference had gone undefeated on opening weekend. And probably the last. And they were playing two men down for the first time too. But still!

2. Crowds – OSU opened with their largest 1st game crowd in history (by 2,000) and so did A&M (with 86,951).

1. Robert Griffin – I want to dislike him, really I do, but I can’t. He’s incredible, on and off the field, and a great representative for what the Big 12 is all about. Problem is…he might not be in the Big 12 next year.

What? You thought I was going to let Baylor take over #1 in my power poll without getting a parting shot?

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