Big 12 Basketball Preseason Picks

The preseason coaches picks to win the Big 12 were released today. This doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things but I’m poring over hoops stuff right now like crazy so I think it’s kind of fun.

OSU was picked to finish 3rd in the Big 12 behind KU and Baylor. This on the heels of Bill Self saying OSU has the best team on paper.

I think the most telling thing is how closely grouped Baylor, OSU, Texas, K-State, and WVU are. Any of those teams could finish 2-6 (assuming Kansas wins it) and I think OU even has a chance to make a little noise this year.

The points section should be pretty self-explanatory (9 pts for a first place vote, 8 for second, etc.) Kansas got every first place vote except its own (you can’t vote for your own team). Self voted for Baylor to win the conference.

[table id=44 /]

Here’s a look at how the teams were predicted coming into last year against how they finished. Hopefully Big 12 coaches just have us pegged!

[table id=47 /]

Also, typical A&M stuff here, hope I’m not saying that about us in five months.

As has been noted by my readers, Ford is at a crossroads. You can have the 7th best team according to everyone else and finish 7th and it be OK (you need time to get your guys!). But you can’t have the 3rd best team and finish in the lower half of the conference.

The fan base (what’s left of it) isn’t OK with that and Ford knows it.

  • Nate

    Where do I put all my money on OSU finishing below 3rd?

    • Holden

      You can make me a 20 dollar bet

  • The business side gets ugly sometimes. The players deserve to be paid for their skill and hard work and the fans deserve to watch a great game! But is money, money, money……

    • scott

      no they don’t. they’re going to college FO FREE. Do the high school football players from Jenks and Union deserve to be paid? they’ve put 40,000 in the seats at TU in past years. 95% of these kids that roll through Stillwater know that they have no shot at making a living playing ball. I wish my college tuition/books/room/food had been paid for.
      And 3rd place? This team was so aggravating to watch last year, not sure 1 player can make enough of an impact to move us up to a 3rd place finish. Do we have some nice players capable of making ESPN top10 type plays/dunks? yes, several. But we had that last year too.

  • Cameron

    If self thinks we have the best team on paper, Coach Ford was apparently not on that particular piece of paper

  • So like Cameron said, Self thinks OSU has the best team but voted Baylor (coached by Scott Drew of all people) to win it instead of Ford? Is he trying to jinx Drew, or does he not think Ford can get it done? Fascinating.

  • kcshep

    So if Ford doesn’t get this team to the big dance in March does Holder finally say enough is enough and eats the rest of his contract and fire Ford or do we continue to recruit like mad and play like junk until 2019?