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Big 12 Title Odds



NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma StatePhoto Attribution: US Presswire

The Bovoda (formerly Bodog) odds to win the Big 12 title are out and you might be surprised about where OSU sits.

Oklahoma – 1/1
Texas – 4/1
TCU – 11/2
West Virginia – 6/1
Kansas State – 12/1
Oklahoma State – 18/1
Texas Tech – 30/1
Baylor – 40/1
Iowa State – 65/1
Kansas – 100/1

Wait, I thought we were favored in 11 of 12 games? What happened to that?

It’s not that I actually think OSU is going to win every game (I don’t) but I also think if you play this season 18 times, OSU wins the league more than once[1. And that’s what we’re going for here on bets like this, isn’t it?].

In fact, if I had to pick an order of my favorite value from this list, I’d go:

1. OSU – See above
2. WVU – Do we need to watch the Orange Bowl again?
3. Texas – Should offer to play D for 60 min.
4. K-State – At WVU/OU
5. TCU – 11/2 is pretty high for their first year, better than WVU?
6. Iowa St. – [words removed because this is a family blog]
7. Baylor – Nick Florence isn’t THAT bad
8. Tech – Did they mean 300/1?
9. OU – No, not at 1/1
10. Kansas – No, not at 1,000,000/1

OU at 1/1 is the most absurd bet here, are Scooter and Jack secretly running Vegas without me knowing about it.

I’m not positive but I really think the Big 12 champ is going to come from that Texas-OU-OSU-WVU-TCU group and at 18/1 I take OSU all day[2. If this is your first time as a reader, I PROMISE I’M AN OBJECTIVE BLOGGER AND THIS IS A LEGITIMATE OPINION].

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