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Big 12 wrestling recap and NCAA championship preview



Since the Big 12 tournament was completely full of nothing but just complete dominance by Oklahoma State, so a combined recap and preview seemed much more ideal. I will do each wrestler and weight class individually, very quick thoughts, and what each wrestler has to do to improve Oklahoma State’s chances at winning it’s 35th national championship.

125 – Klimara is the MAN! Anybody that has following wrestling this season should know that this true freshman is going to have a magical ending to this season. I mean, name one match this season that he truly lost…I’m not talking on the scoreboard…but a match where he just had no chance at winning? None! He is the dark horse on this team. Expect big things!

133 – Morrison has every ability in the world to win himself an NCAA title this year, but he just needs to find it within himself to go out there and attack like we know he can. If he dances like he is usually susceptible to, he could end up low on the podium…if that.

141 – We won’t know if Feikert is even in the tournament until the brackets come out, but my guess is he won’t be in the tourney, and those are crucial points that I’m sure we may need when it comes down to it.

149 – Honestly, anything short of a third (you know what I mean) national championship for Jordan Oliver and frankly, him raising the Hodge Trophy (Heisman) would be a disappointment. There are some good wrestlers in this weight class, but come on…

157 – I don’t know why, but my infatuation with Alex Dieringer might challenge Kyle and his bromance for Markel Brown. This kid figured it out early and has really been super dominant this year. As a freshman he had a setback or two, but he has learned from these and expect him to make some real damage. One of the best wrestlers this school has ever seen.

165 – We all know what Tyler Caldwell is going to do. Although he has made an attempt to score some more points recently, expect him to minor decision his way to the semi-finals, and finish in third place.

174 – Chris Perry is one of those guys that we all hate to watch wrestle. It’s just like he doesn’t get it, but somehow he just always wins. Sometimes, you just wish he would lose so he could learn to not do some of the things he does, but the other people are just that much worse. Because of this, I’m pretty sure that because he has lost this season, he has learned enough about himself to really have a shot at winning his first national championship.

184 – Chris Chionuma has been the biggest surprise on this team, and although he had a hot streak that was ended on a less-than-stellar defeat, he truly can make a significant push to an All-American season.

197 – Rosholt really is one that is one the bubble. Of all of the wrestlers, I think Rosholt has both the best chance to All-American, but at the same time, to go two and out… It really depends how he does during the tournament. I think team momentum is going to carry him through the tournament close to an All-American finish.

285 – My gosh, how awesome would it be to see Z in the finals and to take home a National Championship this season. He took a big step with his win over Bradley, and we all know he can do it. And I’m pretty sure as fans, we all think he will.

As a team, I think we can take home the school’s 35 National Wrestling Championship, but Penn State has a solid team from top to bottom. I don’t think Minnesota or Iowa truly match up to Oklahoma State or Penn State in the individual style, but man, one or two matches go your way (or not) and you could find yourself hosting the trophy or outside of the top 10!

After the brackets are up I will have a more in-depth review of each weight class and our true chances at winning this thing!

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