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Bill Snyder on OSU’s Quarterbacks: ‘Both of Them Can Do the Same Things’

He talking about the same dudes we’re watching?



I think Bill Snyder is confused. He was asked about J.W. Walsh and Mason Rudolph this week at his press conference and he said the following. “I do not know if it is wrinkles, but I think both of them can do the same things,” said Snyder.

Hmmm … the same things?

“In their offense, you anticipate that No. 4 comes in the ball game and they are going to run the quarterback run game with him because he can run the ball. But you might go back, he completed about 67 percent of his passes against us in 2013 when we played them. So, he threw the ball around pretty well in that ball game.”

Well … that’s true. Walsh did have a good game against Kansas State in 2013. But they’re really pretty different quarterbacks, aren’t they?

“I would not preclude him being on the field. My guesstimate about him, or anybody else, is he could play one snap or he could play 80 snaps. It is just whatever they choose to do, but I do know that he is capable, and he proved to us that he can throw the ball around. We know he can run it because that is what they use him for now. But, he will do both when he is in the ball game – he will throw it as well as run it.”

Gundy actually agrees with Snyder.

“J.W. could play five plays in a game or 25 plays in a game,” said Gundy.

Speaking of Gundy, he’s always been so big on QB secrecy that I imagine him reading these quotes about Snyder not totally being sure how much each guy is going to play and pulling this move.

Maybe I buried the lede here, by the way, but Snyder also commented on Stillwater and whether it’s a difficult venue. “Well, it is tough if you do not play well. If you play well, it probably was not all that hard.”

“You have to go play. We need to make more about the game and less about the fact that we had to spend a couple hours on a plane. If we make it more about what’s in the stands and what the color of the stadium looks like, we might as well forfeit.”

Kansas State has lost four straight in Stillwater.

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