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BlogPoll Week 1



NCAA Football: Cowboys Classic-Alabama vs MichiganPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

Welcome to the first BlogPoll of 2012. What is the BlogPoll? Glad you asked…

1. Every Monday I (along with hundreds of other college football bloggers) submit my top 25 poll to SB Nation who then creates a composite ranking based on other bloggers’ polls.

2. From Monday-Wednesday you guys (my readers) get to weigh in via the comments section to tell me what I had wrong. Don’t think Texas should be that high? Light me up. Clemson is underrated? Let me have it.

3. On Wednesday I (along with hundreds of other college football bloggers) re-submit my poll for an official composite ranking later that week.

This is supposed to be different than the AP and Coaches polls because bloggers (theoretically) see more games than the voters from those two groups.

We also vote the way voters should vote, based on on-field performance.

Because the season is still young (and OSU basically had an off week last week) I’m goign to rank teams by using some blend of the following three factors (with as much weight as I can on #1):

1. You’ve proved it on the field – see: Bama over Michigan

2. You looked like a top 25 team even though you played a crappy team or REALLY crappy team – see: OSU and Baylor

3. If two teams are close in resumes, I look and see if I think team X would beat team Y 51 out of 100 times on a neutral field – see: OSU being ranked ahead of Missouri.

Again, this not necessarily a power poll of which team I think is better than the next team, it’s more of an indication of who did what on the field on Saturdays…which is what polls should be (and why I didn’t fill out a preseason poll). 

Because that’s how I vote, the Michigan States and Clemsons of the world will level out once other teams start playing quality opponents. It’s hard to penalize them for being two of the only squads to schedule anybody worthwhile in week 1 though.

Let’s get to the poll…

A few thoughts:

USC and Bama are loaded. I don’t know who’s more prone to an upset before the title game: Bama because they play in the SEC or SC because they don’t have an elite defense and the Pac-12 is always crazy…

OU should be lower than they are, if they don’t put up 55 on Florida A&M, I’m dropping them even further. Do people really think this is a top 5/10/15 team?

OSU goes to Tuscon and wins by three TDs they get moved up, win by a field goal and get moved down. Remember: on-field performance is what matters here.

Bucky, what is happening to you? Five point W at home over Northern Iowa, Farokhmanesh must have been on fire?

How gutty was Michigan State against Boise last Friday night? They won’t run the table but man, I would not want to play them in East Lansing.

Baylor — you guys know how much I hate to do this, but they looked golden against SMU. Until further notice, I have to stick them in the top 20.

Kansas State’s final was nice 51-9, but you can’t have a 16-9 lead over Missouri State at the end of three and expect a lot of BlogPoll votes from PistolsBoy.

*Just realized I left Michigan and Virginia out. I’ll amend that and stick Michigan between OSU and Wisconsin and VT between Wisconsin and Baylor in my final poll for Wednesday.

Have at it in the comments section, what am I missing? Who should be higher? Lower? Not ranked?

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