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BlogPoll Week 4



NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Welcome to Week 4 of the blogpoll, my objective (OSU isn’t ranked!) if not incomplete (gotta be honest, haven’t seen Louisville take one snap) look at the college football landscape.

Full poll after the jump.

BlogPoll Criteria

1. You’ve proved it on the field (see: Georgia).

2. You looked like a top 25 team even though you played a crappy team (see: Tennessee).

3. If two teams are close in resumes, I look and see if I think team X would beat team Y 51 out of 100 times on a neutral field (see: LSU vs. Oregon).

Kansas State is the big winner this week after becoming just the fourth team (but second purple team) to humble Stoops & Co. in Norman.

Georgia and Florida State also had really impressive wins and got a bump in the poll.

LSU falls — Auburn is not good (think Iowa State with a better defense) and Lester had to sweat it out late[1. If we’re being totally honest, I feel like he always sweats it out because he’s never truly positive about what the score is.] on the plains.

Thumbs up to Notre Dame and Florida — taking care of business agains below average teams (how disappointed are Michigan fans this year?) and on to the next one.

I thought about moving Texas up to the top five just so we could say we beat a top five team this weekend.

How good has Oregon State been thus far? I know Wisconsin isn’t that great but to go on the road in L.A. and take down the surging Bruins…bring on the “best team in Oregon” debate!

Speaking of Oregon, I’m all in on an Oregon-Bama title game and I’m riding shotgun on the De’Anthony Thomas Heisman campaign.

Baylor beating ULM on the road is more impressive to me than SC beating Cal at home.

Welcome to the party, Northwestern, Cincy, and the fightin’ Tettletons (Ohio).

Oh and OU — you’re not a top 25 team right now, or not from what I’ve seen so far this season. I’m not trolling, just being honest.

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