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BlogPoll Week 7



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Welcome to Week 7 of the BlogPoll. Where everybody is apparently “back.”

Full poll after the jump.

BlogPoll Criteria

1. You’ve proved it on the field (see: Florida).

2. You looked like a top 25 team even though you played crappy teams (see: Tulsa).

3. If two teams are close in resumes, I look and see if I think team X would beat team Y 51 out of 100 times on a neutral field (see: Oregon vs. Kansas State).

A few comments…

-I owe OU an apology, first to the students that your administration thought this was a good idea. Next to the fans because I didn’t think your team was as good as it apparently is. They would beat OSU by 30 if Bedlam was this weekend.

-LSU, despite having the offensive prowess of a junior high team, is ridiculously tough to beat on a Saturday night in Death Valley. No shame for SC in losing like they did.

-Alabama makes grown men quiver.

-I knew I had WVU too high (I couldn’t help it) but if they beat KSU in Morgantown this weekend (and I think they’re going to) they’re back in my top 10.

-So this Mississippi State thing in 2013…huh…

-Even Big 10 teams hate the Big 10 (as evidenced by the fact that nobody wants to actually win the conference).

-How wide is that back door into the title game open for USC? Is it cracked or can they feel a full-on breeze flowing through?

-Tulsa, welcome, you might be the second best team in Oklahoma.

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