Bovada Releases New Big 12 Title Odds, OU the Heavy Favorite

Written by Kyle Cox

Las Vegas sportsbook Bovada has released its Big 12 Championship odds for the 2017 football season. Predictably, the two Oklahoma schools topped their list.

Here’s how it looks.

Team Odds
Oklahoma 5-6
Oklahoma State 3-1
Texas 5-1
Kansas State 6-1
TCU 12-1
West Virginia 20-1
Baylor 33-1
Texas Tech 50-1
Iowa State 100-1
Kansas 500-1

Last year at this time, Bovada gave Oklahoma State 5-1 odds which tied TCU for second best. Oklahoma was given 2-3 odds in the summer of 2016, making the Sooners slightly less of a favorite this year than they were a year ago. You remember, when they had the program’s winningest coach and three NFL players returning. There’s a lot of confidence in a first-time CEO and an offense with a bunch of questions.

Oklahoma State earns a little more juice from Vegas with their own slew of returning skill players and a senior record-setting QB. Their odd year home schedule that brings Oklahoma, Kansas State and TCU to Stillwater probably helps as well.

And how about all the Texas love?

West Virginia might be a value bet at 20-1. If Will Grier can live up to the spring game hype, he may be the best QB Dana’s coached since Brandon Weeden. Tony Gibson always finds a way to field a decent-to-good defense. Speaking of defense, TCU might be good if Kenny Trill can be a lot more Jekyll and a lot less Hyde. We also don’t know how much they will miss Doug Meacham who’s up in Lawrence trying to teach the Jayhawks offense where the end zone is.

Kansas State will probably beat one of the Oklahoma schools and scare the other. Of course, a lot depends on how much you’re sold on Jesse Ertz. Scratch that. They’ll run out their third-string punter to take snaps against OSU and he’ll throw for two TDs and run for one.

At the bottom, it gets ugly. Kansas may not finish last in the conference this year. It’s possible. Texas Tech might be historically bad. I think Iowa State could win four conference games this year. That’s more of an indictment on the lower half of the league than Cyclone love.

A lot can change over a summer and into the fall. There will be at least one surprise team and one that stumbles out of the gate. And don’t forget that Oklahoma State plays in Ames on 11/11. So knock on wood, find your rabbit’s foot and be careful with that mirror.

And then go put all your money down on OU.

(reverse jinxes forever).

  • OKsailor

    Texas overrated, Iowa State underrated. The game in Ames is gonna be big and I hope the Cowboys aren’t sleeping.

    • Brian Cassens

      I’m looking at Mike Yurcich. He is our weakest link on offense. Also Texas and West Virginia being away is going to be brutal

  • ssbn599

    At least we aren’t playing any directional schools.

    • GoPokes

      Week 2: South Alabama

      • ssbn599

        Ouch! Ya got me! Lack of attention to detail. Or maybe cataracts. Anyhoo, we’re going to have to be careful with that one.

  • Adam M.

    Oklahoma at 5-6 seems laughable until we see them play a couple games without the skill players they lost.

    Side note: I enjoyed the wit and spice in this piece. Bravo, Mr. Cox.

  • SeattlePoke

    I get that they have a legit O-line. I get that they are back to back champs and have a slew of other Big 12 titles to look back on. I get that Mayfield is back although I think he is more a product of the weapons around him than his personal talent. What I don’t get is how you lose 75% of your offensive production with no clear replacement for it, lose a hall of fame coach and replace with a first time head coach, have a suspect defense, and you are still the HEAVY favorite. Am I missing the supreme talent and advantage here somewhere. This is a serious question. Aside from the helmet sticker I am really just not seeing the HEAVY advantage at all. Did I miss some stud transfers or something??

    • Zonbie Willham

      OU could agree to play only
      8 players on each side of the ball, and they would stiil be the heavy favorite. The good news is that OU historically underperforms versus expectations more than anyone except possibly Texas. Okay by me, the bigger they are etc.

    • spokepokes

      From what I hear their backup RBs are studs and they believe Andrews will be all-big 12 to help some of that receiving production loss. They also seem to have a WR step up every year.

      Defense CAN’t be as bad as it was last year. They were historically bad.

  • Wayne from Forty One

    I just can’t help but wonder how the Urban smackdown will affect the goons.

  • David Einstein

    I’ll take our odds.