Bowl Swag: Oklahoma State Players Receive $400 Best Buy Gift Card in Orlando

Written by Kyle Porter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Bowl Swag Szn. Oklahoma State is headed to the Camping World Bowl (weeee!), and Sports Business Journal has published what kind of swag each bowl is producing for its teams.

The Camping World Bowl is not among the best swag-distributors, but it’s definitely not among the worst. Here’s what you get if you play for Oklahoma State or Virginia Tech.

• $400 Best Buy player shopping trip
• Timely Watch Co. watch

I had to look up what a Timely Watch was, but it appears to be a time-telling piece that may or may not be made exclusively for bowl games. Like, if bowls cease to exist at some point, the good people at Timely Watch Co. might be out of business. It’s unclear at this point.

Anyway, here a few of the other swag bags that stood out. My favorite are the ones that promote things like plastic tumblers and bowl pins like they are vintage collectors items that should be treasured forever. Also, footballs. Literally the last thing a football player wants from a bowl is a football.

Best: Fiesta Bowl — PlayStation PS4 PRO bundle; Fossil watch; Ogio backpack

Worst: AutoNation Cure Bowl — Watch; backpack; warm up suit pants and jacket; Dri-Fit shirt long-sleeve shirt; hat.

Funniest: Quick Lane Bowl — $175 Best Buy gift card; JBL bluetooth headphones; life-sized Fathead decal for each participant of his likeness; Ogio backpack and tag; mini helmet; hoodie; workout shorts; winter hat; vintage football

Here’s a fathead of yourself and a, uh, a football. Enjoy!

Most fitting for Gundy: Gildan New Mexico Bowl — Gift suite; Oakley sunglasses; Oakley 5-Speed backpack; Lit tumbler; beanie; Gildan stadium blanket; cap; Fidget Spinner

You can view all of the swag bags here.

  • GeoPoke

    End of the article was fantastic.

    And this bowl gift is like your mom going “I bought that thing you sent me the link to” – GIVE GIFTS WE CAN DISCUSS! Although, a gift card is kind of like cash as they have freedom in their purchase, so can they get in trouble with NCAA for what they buy?

  • Big Daddy

    I think the $400 gift card is better than the Fiesta Playstation – go buy what you want/ need !

  • Adam M.

    Lol, fidget spinners as a gift for 20 year olds.

  • Adam M.

    It’s a shame OU didn’t make the Fiesta Bowl. Then they wouldn’t have to steal Playstations from their fellow collegiate athletes to sell. They could just sell their own.

  • Last scoop in the carton

    Omitted from the list: the Squatty Potty

  • Arkady Vachon

    I could roll with a $400 gift card, could buy myself all sorts of goodies if i played my cards right. movies, games, etc etc etc