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Bowlsby Says Nebraska Has Not Reached Out, Big Ten Shoots Huskers to Big 12 Idea Down

The longshot of Nebraska joining the Big 12 seems even longer now.



The fun idea of the Big 12, ACC or SEC adding teams from conferences that aren’t playing football in the fall seems to have come to an abrupt halt.

As the public started to catch wind of the Big Ten’s plans to push football out of the fall, Nebraska’s football program in particular started to contest that idea. Nebraska coach Scott Frost said at a news conference Monday that the Cornhuskers were “prepared to look for other options,” if the Big Ten didn’t play.

First-year Big Ten commissioner Kevin Ware shut that idea down quickly Tuesday evening.

“No,” Ware told Yahoo Sports about on whether Nebraska could play this fall. “Not and be a member of the Big Ten Conference.” Nebraska isn’t the only school Ware may have to corral.

The Big 12 seemed like the most likely second home for the Cornhuskers if they were to go rogue from their conference, but Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby further shut down the idea in a teleconference Wednesday, saying that Nebraska hadn’t reached out to the Big 12.

Bowlsby also said “It’s not in any our of plans at the present time,” when asked if the Big 12 was looking to add any other schools.

Adding a team outside of its conference seems like a far-fetched idea if there was six months until the season starting, much less one month. So, for now, it looks as if the Huskers and any other Big Ten or Pac-12 school will have to hope for spring football.

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