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Box Score Breakdown: Kansas State



It’s been a while but we’re finally back with a legitimate box score to break down. Here’s some thoughts and comments on yesterday’s stats against Kansas State.

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1. This can’t happen from OSU’s bigs. We can get by with them not scoring double figures but they have to do three things: take care of the ball, rebound, and protect the rim. Six turnovers from two offensive sieves isn’t going to cut it.

2. Is this sustainable? He played 77% of OSU’s minutes last year (top 500 in the country) — that number is up to 85% this year (top 130) and we haven’t even played through the portion of the schedule where we need him most yet.

3. For all the commentary on Ford’s teams lacking discipline (etc.) — they sure do shoot free throws well. 14th in the country this year, 35th last year, 75th in 2011. Confounding if you believe the root of OSU’s issues is a Ford/discipline thing.

4. OSU isn’t a team that can afford to get blown out in this category. It’s nonsensical, really. OSU is 50th in the country in steal percentage and 335th (!) in number of field goals made via assist. The formula should be “get steal, fast break, throw to teammate, teammate hits layup or dunk.” And yet the numbers tell me something different. Or….

5. ….maybe literally all of OSU’s fast break points come on assists and we just can’t buy an assist in the half court game to save our lives. Given Ford’s history with the half court offense in Stillwater, I’d say that’s fairly likely. Which means Smart needs like 10 steals a game.

6. This can’t happen. You deserve to lose if this happens.

7. I know we’re already growing accustomed to it, but my gosh. All of the freshman records, my man, have them. Take our wine and cheese as well (well, maybe our soda) and enjoy. Glutton yourself on the Big 12 this season.

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