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Boynton Still Recruiting 2020 Class Despite Being at Scholarship Limit

Is Greg Brown still in play for the Pokes?



Mike Boynton’s 2020 class might just not be done yet.

Boynton, Oklahoma State’s coach, held a teleconference Thursday to give updates on the program during the pandemic and talk about the three players who signed to be Cowboys when the signing period opened Wednesday.

The addition of Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe, Ferron Flavors Jr. and Donovan Williams put Boynton’s squad at its 13-scholarship limit, but OSU doesn’t have to be at that limit until school starts.

“I keep hearing this ‘Scholarships are full’ message, and I don’t know where that’s coming from,” Boynton said. “I guess I should say this: I understand how that works, but it can’t work that way for me. I have to follow the rules. The rules say before school starts, you can only have 13 guys with a scholarship. So, what I always say, when school starts, we won’t have more than 13 guys on scholarship.

“I’m still recruiting. I’m always recruiting, and I’m always recruiting for this class first. I’m recruiting for next year’s class, too, but I’m always recruiting for this class. If we got another commitment today, and you asked me that question tomorrow, I would tell you the same thing. When school starts and we have to be at 13, we will not have 14 guys on scholarship.”

So, yes, OSU currently has 13 players thought to come into next season on scholarship, but things can change quickly.

OSU fans’ attention has turned to five-star power forward Greg Brown since Williams’ commitment. It started when Brown, an AAU teammate of Cade Cunningham and Rondel Walker, went on Instagram Live with Cunningham. Brown’s father came on the livestream to talk to Cunningham about old times, but he also went a little further.

“Keep doing your thing man,” Brown’s father told Cunningham. “Keep doing your thing. Maybe at some point in time I can convince smack back to let you throw him some lobs, you feel me?

“Believe it or not, me and you are on the same page. We gotta get dingleberry over here on the same page.”

Then the night after Williams committed, he sent an inviting tweet out the Brown.

Players are entering the transfer portal every day. The NCAA is also looking into a rule that grants players a one-time transfer that gives them immediate eligibility. Boynton said if that were to pass transfer numbers could double over night. So, Boynton continuing to recruit for the 2020 class could put him ahead of that curve.


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