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Brandon Pettigrew once dropped some f-bombs on Mike Gundy while sprinting 3.5 miles

This story about how Brandon Pettigrew became the most important figure at OSU is pretty amazing.



Brandon Pettigrew, program-changer. (USATSI)

Brandon Pettigrew, program-changer. (USATSI)

Mike Gundy recently told some terrific stories to Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World. Among them was this gem about how Brandon Pettigrew changed Oklahoma State football forever.

I remember being a sophomore at OSU (my first year there) and getting the wrong bus to get somewhere on campus.

I was on that thing for probably 25 minutes and I remember this massive dude sitting across from me like he didn’t have a care in the world.

Turns out, it was Pettigrew. Little did I know that he would change the future of the program that I now write about (partly) for a living.

Anyway, the story goes that Gundy was really pissed at his team one spring and made them run…and run…and run.

“I think we wound up running 37 (150-yard sprints),” said Gundy.[1. This is absurd. This is 3.5 miles of sprinting.] “They probably could have put me in jail.”

Here’s Haisten:

“Pettigrew approached Gundy and said, ‘You’ll never (bleeping) break me. I’m the toughest (bleep) out here.’ Pettigrew returned to his teammates and challenged them: ‘He ain’t breaking us.’

‘Two things happened,’ Gundy said. ‘(The players) never challenged our authority or (lost focus) in meetings ever again, and he established himself as the leader. He took this place to a different (level).’

‘The one player who changed this program was Brandon Pettigrew.'”

Yep, that’s pretty awesome.

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