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Brandon Weeden Interview



Pretty cool interview by Amy K. Nelson with Brandon Weeden. A few of my favorite parts below…

Representing Dawgs by Nature?! How about some love for Pistols Firing??

“I gave the ‘ol fist pump and everybody was excited.” I love this.

“The Dawg Pound is one of the best fan bases in all of football.” They’re going to freaking love him.

“You can’t get anything going until you toe the rubber and let it rip.” He’s like Brett Favre, minus about 60,000 yards and an unfortunate cell phone photograph.

“He’s obviously a freak.” Yeah, he is.

“I tweet, I interact with fans a little bit.” Appreciated, minus your disparaging comments about Davis Love III.

This is obviously a little bit dated but Nelson is a good interviewer and always love seeing Weeden in his element (in front of a camera).

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