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Brandon Weeden On Busting His Ass And The Best Defense He’s Ever Seen



Brandon Weeden did not have an ideal first season in Dallas. It was actually pretty disappointing. However, his offseason was apparently tremendous. So good that his QB coach is touting him as having had the best offseason of any returning Cowboy.

“I think he’s probably the most improved player,” Wade Wilson said.

Weeden knows his lone start against the Cardinals where he threw two picks was less than acceptable.

“I didn’t play as well as I would’ve liked against Arizona, but I tell everybody that’s the best defense I ever played against. Since I’ve been in the league, that’s the best defense I played against.”

He’s also looking forward to what will hopefully be a better sophomore campaign in Dallas even though Dallas has flirted with every potential backup QB from here to Brett Favre.

I appreciate that from Sticks (the QB coach). That’s a good comment because I busted my ass. I’ve worked so hard this offseason, training wise, throwing wise to put myself in position.

“I’m not stupid, I understand if they bring vet guys like that in they’re probably not as high on me as I need them to be.”

Maybe they will be by the time Dallas’ 2015 campaign wraps up. In three seasons Weeden has thrown 825 passes, completed 56 percent of them, tossed 26 TDs and been picked 28 times. His QB rating for his career is 72.5.

Those are not great numbers, especially for a first round pick. But I think they’re also a little skewed by the dumpster fire that was Cleveland.[1. Related: I will never, ever be rational about Brandon Weeden.] Only time will tell. Or, hopefully for Tony Romo, it won’t.

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