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Brandon Weeden Says Checking down Is ‘Not How I Play Football’



Brandon Weeden is being pretty heavily criticized this week in Dallas for somebody who went 22/26 in a loss against the Atlanta Falcons last weekend. Much of the criticism has to do with not throwing the ball down the field enough.

Weeden had a pretty funny response to that this week.

“I never thought in my 31 years of life that I would be asked if I checked the ball down too much,” he told the Dallas Morning News with a grin. “That’s not how I play football.”

Yeah, no kidding.

“I was 22 of 26 with completions. I wanted to be efficient and get the ball to the right guy and I felt like that was my game plan and my mindset going into the game. Take a shot down the field or hit a big in-cut on the backside, whatever it may be, be efficient and get a lot of completions tallied up and let those guys run.”

Dallas is sticking with him apparently.

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