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Breaking Down the Football Schedule (Part 3)



Well, we have three hours until the first game so let’s go ahead and condense the last six games into one post.

Week 7 (Kansas at home): It always sounds like terrible to get Kansas at home because … well … Kansas. But that’s before you remember that OSU had nearly been taken down in each of its last two trips to Lawrence.

This will be a rout so I propose an upping of the stakes. We let KU start with a 35-point lead. If they lose, we get Bill Self.

Glenn Spencer anger level with a loss: Sells grill on Craigslist, can cook with fire he breathes on meat.

Week 8 (at Tech): Why aren’t more people talking about this as OSU’s big trap game?

To me, this is right up there with the trip to Morgantown earlier in the year. Even more so if OSU is, gasp, 7-0 when it heads to Lubbock.

Tech won’t be great, but they’ll be good enough to beat a top 15 team at home at some point this season. I just hope it isn’t us.

Glenn Spencer anger level with a loss: Cuts arms off of one of Kliff’s designer suits

Week 9 (TCU at home): This could be the Nos. 1-2 teams in the country playing for pole position in the College Football Playoff  I know that sounds completely insane, but I’m going to tweet this post 235 times after it happens just to remind you

Glenn Spencer anger level with a loss: Refuses post game meal

Week 10 (at Iowa State): I just can’t even.

Glenn Spencer anger level with a loss: Nowhere close to mine.

Week 11 (Baylor at home): This game scares me. Baylor is due to beat us in Stillwater at some point. I’d rather catch Seth Russell in, say, September than when he’s had almost a year of experience under his belt.

I still think OSU will win this game, but if we’re 10-0 going in, I’m going to be a mess.

Glenn Spencer anger level with a loss: All night workout.

Week 12 (OU at home): OU fascinates me. They could go 5-7 or 11-1 and none of it would surprise me. This game has been for the Big 12 title for one of these teams in three of the last five years. Clearly, from my prediction that Oklahoma State is going to the College Football Playoff, I don’t think this year will be any different.

Glenn Spencer anger level with a loss: Won’t look at the color red for three months.

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