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Breaking Down the Gundy Q&A



If we’ve learned anything this spring, it’s that Gundy isn’t a fan of sharing secrets. Even so, he[1. It was previously implied in this post that Gundy was not the one answering questions, only approving them. Since then the OSU athletic department has assured us that Gundy is in fact answering these questions. -Kyle] took to Twitter yesterday to answer questions from fans.

We were rewarded with two non-answer responses, some common sense and information anyone can find online.

So what did we learn yesterday?

Did anyone else notice that Gundy answered the question without answering the question?  If he wants people to know how much time and effort you put into developing men outside of football…tell us!  That’s like answering the question with “I wish people knew what kind of hair gel I used” without telling us about that mystical product.

I Googled “Oklahoma State Football 101” and found the information in under 30 seconds.

*Update:  This was a direct reply to her question, so he was only being helpful here.

Gundy really picked the tough questions. I don’t mean to criticize the questioner, because I’m sure he didn’t realize he was setting Gundy up for a simple, straight-out-of-the-book response. He could have provided a more in-depth answer, but he went chalk.  Surprise, surprise.

This whole thing is a joke if Gundy is going to select questions and respond to them by not answering what was asked. If you’re not going to pick a memory, don’t answer the question.

Please, next time they do this, everyone join me in asking Gundy why he tucks his jacket into his khakis.

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