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Breaking down the year-end OSU video

This end-of-year OSU highlight video is exceptional, I break it down here.



I haven’t posted this yet because I wanted to break it down Mark Schlereth-style

0:20 — Why don’t our girls soccer unis get more love?

0:25 — I forgot how much I disliked Le’Bryan dunk face.

0:55 — I’m not shocked they showed Phil Forte shooting a three at home…

1:10 — I can’t believe we get another year of this.

1:35 — How much of a head start in a 10K would I need to beat these two guys? 9.5Ks? More? What if I was on a bike? Then maybe just like 3-4K?

1:48 — Girls Bedlam at home was the sneaky great game of the OSU school year.

2:14 — I’m surprised we haven’t edited this thing to blur out the ones on Lunt’s uni — that guy doesn’t exist!

2:49 — Remember when Kansas almost beat us?

3:13 — If Jeremy Smith can stay healthy……………….

3:20 — Was this the home moment of the year? A goal line stand against Texas obviously would have topped it but it’s hard for me to think of anything more exciting than this one. Maybe a part of the Bedlam basketball game in GIA?

4:03 — I forgot about Phil Forte doing the Jason Terry dance in the Iowa State game. That was great.

4:21 — Good editing here, “waiting til the bomb drops” right on a tee shot.

5:05 — If you can listen to Dave Hunziker scream “DOWN…GOES…KANSAS!” and not get chills, I don’t know what to tell you.

Awesome stuff.

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