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Bullets: Brandon Weeden still thinks about the ’11 title

Van Malone says you just gotta go against the champs, Kevin Peterson becomes an all-time quote, and Gundy’s first full presser of the season.




Brandon Weeden says he still thinks about playing for the national title all the time. This was kind of a bummer read. (NewsOK)

Welp, wouldn’t want to be the reporter who Neil Everett threw this to..good on Everett, though. (Yahoo)

Berry: “The program has changed in recent years. Expectations have soared. Results have matched. OSU has become a nationally relevant program, playing in a bevy of big games and winning their share.” (NewsOK)

The All under-the-radar Big 12 team. What does Kevin Peterson have to do to get some love? (247)

Van Malone on his secondary: Nobody likes to throw them out there against the national champion. But guess what, those are the cards. Let’s go.” (NewsOK)

Kevin Peterson: “After Florida State, I’m going to have a bunch of different names for y’all to call us. Mark them words.” (O’Colly)

Gundy draws up an all-time golf analogy in regards to playing Florida State. (NewsOK)

A jewel here from Spencer: Who has seized a leadership opportunity at safety? “Nobody,” he said. “They’ve all been struggling.” (O’Colly)

Gundy on FSU: They’re as good as any team that we’ve ever played in my opinion. I’m not trying to build them up into something they’re not but they’re pretty good.” (Scout)

Photos from the Thursday media luncheon. (Flickr)

Bob Connelly’s approach to coaching caught the players off guard; they thought it bizarre, nothing close to what they were accustomed to. But it might take just that for Connelly to bring his players together and overcome the plethora of problems he inherited upon arriving in Stillwater. (O’Colly)

OU is kind of a mess for being such a heavy Big 12 favorite. (Fox SW)

Gundy still doesn’t really name a starting QB even though he kind of does but he does say that Chelf and JW were basically the same. I’m not sure I totally buy that. (NewsOK)

Dana’s house, you guys. Dana’s house! Via Blake Huddleston. (Coaching Search)

Good point here by Gundy: “Turnover years for us in the past, we weren’t in the top 60.” (NewsOK)

I love how Switzer doesn’t even pretend. He just says “we, we, we.” (Fox SW)

Gundy: “I counted the other night, right before I went to sleep, and it kept me up for two hours. I told them, ‘Just think. This is awesome. Last year, you were playing high schoool ball. Now, you’re playing against Florida State.’ It’s pretty cool.’” Really good post there. (Tulsa World)

Ubben on Jhajuan Seales: “I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a 1,000-yard guy this year.” (Fox SW)

Kevin Peterson on FSU’s receivers: I’ve heard they have Olympic speed during two-a-days.” (247)

Gundy’s full presser:


A cool list of all the best non-conference games in GIA in recent years. I’m not totally sure what the timeframe is but the top two are correct. (O’Colly)

Other sports

I thought I’d enjoy Berry Tramel on the Cowboys being worth $3.2 billion. I wasn’t disappointed. (NewsOK)

More stuff I’m reading

This post on quitting your job and immediately regretting it because you have no idea what you’re doing was tremendous. I died laughing. (Barstool Sports)

I loved this TED Talk:

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