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Bullets: Can OSU start running ‘the unstoppable play’?

OSU is silly deep at receiver, why isn’t Arkansas on the schedule (?), and FSU struggles as a double-digit favorite.



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I did a podcast with a Kansas State blog the other day about the upcoming season. (EMAWdio)

The unstoppable play. I can see JW Walsh doing this. (CRFF)

Not the headline you want to see here but good job by John Helsley on explaining the offensive line depth chart. (NewsOK)

Well this is awesome: 25 maps that explain college football. (SB Nation)

A few thoughts on the survey OKC Dave did. (PFB)

Photos of Gundy and Hargis doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. (Flickr)

This is where OSU’s receiving game is at: “We’ve got three walk-ons who are making plays in every practice we have.” (NewsOK)

A closer look at the OSU secondary. I’ll be rolling through all the units over the next week or so. (PFB)

I like this, FSU has struggled in the past as a double-digit favorite. (Tulsa World)

Berry Tramel on OSU/OU/Arkansas: It’s madness that these athletic programs don’t compete more against each other in the marquee sports. (NewsOK)

Keep an eye on Oklahoma State running back Tyreek Hill. If the Cowboys make him their offensive workhorse, he has the big-play ability to have a monster season. Sure, durability would be a question. But speed would not. (ESPN)

The only time OSU ever defeated Florida State, this is what was written about the affair: There may have been football played under more miserable conditions, but it’s doubtful.” (Tulsa World)

Justin Gilbert’s uni game is as strong as ever and he played really well on Monday night against the Redskins. (Browns)

Is AD the end of the feature back era? Cool article here. (NewsOK)

I keep being told OSU is going to be better on the defensive line. That’s pretty amazing. (NewsOK)

Bruce Feldman has OSU as his flop Big 12 team. (Fox SW)

Wes Lunt was named the starter at Illinois. (Yahoo)

This made me laugh:

Shocking: The defendants in a lawsuit filed against Sports Illustrated magazine for its 2013 investigative series into the Oklahoma State football program have filed a motion to dismiss the case. (NewsOK)

Here’s the full Gundy/Hargis video:


OSU and Maryland will play in GIA. Good get for Ford and Co. (NewsOK)

Other sports

Do the right thing, Nike! (Fox SW)

KD says he’s the best scorer in the league. No argument here. (Daily Thunder)

Rickie Fowler leads the Ryder Cup team in an Ice Bucket Challenge:

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