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Bullets: Chris Carson has two goals in 2015

NCAA golf history books, Josh Holliday on his seniors and why you shouldn’t drink coffee (early) in the morning.




Football misc.

Chris Carson has two goals. You’ll like both of them. (Tulsa World)

Mike Holder: “No business is run where you have two divisions (football and men’s basketball) that make money and 16, in our case (every other sport on campus), that lose money. What you would do is you would drop those other 16 divisions.” (Tulsa World)

OSU’s early TV schedule is out. You already know about the Central Michigan game. Here’s what the Central Arkansas and UTSA games will look like.

And here’s the full schedule. (NewsOK)

Phil Steele has Seth Russell on his All-Big 12 second team instead of Mason Rudolph. (ESPN)

This dude, I’m a fan.

Baseball misc.

The OSU seniors will be difficult to replace. Some great quotes in here. It’s also interesting to me that Holliday says a lot of the same things as Travis Ford but they certainly come off a lot better. (NewsOK)

TCU was down 8-1 in the eighth last night … and won. (CBS)

NCAA golf

Match play starts today. Texas was the only Big 12 team to advance. (Big 12 Sports)

Shane Ryan looks at the 10 best match play matches ever. There is a lot of OSU involved (most of it not good). (Golf Digest)

Not NCAA, but you need to read this interview with Steve Williams. Some incredible Big Cat stories. (Golf Digest)

Hoops misc.

Le’Bryan Nash really, really likes Marcus Smart. Some fascinating quotes in here. (ESPN)

The patron saint of underdogs! (Deadspin)

Enough talent returns from last season’s 25-win team that Iowa State will begin next year in the top 10 in the polls regardless of who its new coach is. (Yahoo)

More stuff I’m reading

Why you shouldn’t drink coffee in the morning. (Washington Post)

The rainfall numbers here for Texas and Oklahoma are staggering. (Washington Post)

FedEx once gambled its way to profitability. Crazy story. (Now I Know)

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