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Bullets: Glenn Spencer says his defense needs diapers

Spencer also loves Jameis, Peterson would play for Kliff if not Gundy, and what is a “small amount of pot”?



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One sponsor locked up for football season. Still looking for one or two more. Let me know if you want it so I can stop bugging you guys (it’s like an NPR semi-annual drive up in here). (PFB)

Cool stuff here from Whetsell on his memories of OSU sports and what this season will be like without both of his parents for the first time. (CRFF)

Mike Yurcich on the OU and Mizzou games: “It drives you nuts.” (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer on the FSU game: “We might have to get out some diapers to put out there along with their game uniforms, we’ll have to put some diapers because there might be a few accidents out there in Dallas.” (ESPN)

Interesting stuff on Dez’s next contract. He wants to be paid like Calvin, Fitz, etc. He’s close to deserving it, too. (ESPN)

Berry thinks Mack should coach Arkansas! (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer talking about Jameis like he’s Cam Newton crossed with Jesus: “He has all the talent in the world. He’s so big. He doesn’t get shook. He can take a hit in the backfield. He’s not running around trying to avoid. He doesn’t make bad decisions.” (AP)

This All-Texas NFL squad is immense. Four OSU guys on it. (247)

Shad Kahn does not plan on cutting Blackmon from the team. (NewsOK)

Mike Yurcich uses the word “leader” four times in eight seconds regarding JW Patton. (PFB)

This on the departure of Jace Amaro and what the Big 12 likely learned from his career is really good. I don’t know that OSU has anybody like this. I guess Ateman would be the closest but he’s not that thick. (Football Study Hall)

Kevin Peterson on who he would play for if not Gundy: “Kliff Kingsbury. He looks like he is clean cut and dresses really well so I feel like he would really let us swag out during the games.” (Tulsa World)

What is a “small amount of pot”? Does anyone know for the sake of comparison between Blackmon and Nick Marshall? (CBS Sports)

Kendall Sanders gonna Kendall Sanders. This is grotesque. (AP)

Van Malone with an eyebrow-raising quote here: “We’re excited about Ashton and about Kevin and their attitude and their leadership and those things, because we feel like, even more than Justin and Brodrick were, at this time in their junior years, these guys were really — and it’s because of those guys — these guys are well ahead. So by the time they’re seniors, we’re expecting them to be out there far in terms of the things they can accomplish.” (NewsOK)

What they said, what they meant Part II. Includes Kingsbury, Briles, and Gundy. (PFB)

An intriguing look back at all of Blackmon’s transgressions with quotes from Gunter Brewer. h/t OKC Dave (Inside Handoff)

Slightly over half of OSU fans root for OU in various circumstances. A bunch of people lost their minds at that stat. (PFB)

Oh you know, just Charlie Weis hanging with Nelly. (CBS Sports)

All of the media guides. This is cool. (Football Study Hall)

Oklahoma State’s program trajectory is one of the best in the land, but a step back in 2014 seems inevitable with significant roster changes and a much more difficult schedule on the docket. (ESPN Insider)

Other sports

An OSU golfer won the Oklahoma Golf Association State Amateur Championship on Thursday. (okstate)

18 holes of golf with one of these four men. Who you got? (PFB)

The design concept on a baseball stadium should be done soon. (Tulsa World)

Random stuff

At the very same time you’re persuading yourself that in the hierarchy of whatever-matters-to-you, you are close to last, all the people around you, each with his or her own hierarchy, has put you on the very top, on a pedestal, the person they seek to match or even surpass. h/t Kevin DeShazo (Godin)

People on Facebook spend an average of 40 minutes a day on there. I’m actually surprised that’s not higher. (TechCrunch)

Matthew Weiner, The Art of Screenwriting No. 4. Cool interview. (Paris Review)

I like these “What’s in my Pocket” interviews. Lots of goodies in this one. I use Pocket a lot, though. (Pocket Blog)

This thing is just something else.

All of Rory McIlroy’s final-round strokes.


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