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Bullets: Glenn Spencer says Mason Rudolph has ‘it’

OSU with 10 wrestlers in the quarterfinals, Glidden says Rudolph is much better and a great “what if.”




What a day of football yesterday. From the Baylor giant man scoring a TD to the kicker nearly dying to Oregon lighting Jameis on fire to that classic we got last night — the playoffs are pretty great, aren’t they?


Glenn Spencer says Mason Rudolph has “it.” (ESPN)

James Castleman on Emmauel Ogbah not leading the nation in sacks: “We’ll mention it to him like, ‘Eman, this guy has got you, man. He’s beating you, bro. Where are you at?'” (NewsOK)

Everyone for the Oklahoman is picking OSU to win by three or less. (NewsOK)

Don’t come at me with any more Melvin Gordon stats. Barry’s still the king. (CBS)

Good column here by Jenni Carlson on Rudolph. On the day that Rudolph leads Oklahoma State into the Cactus Bowl, it is mind blowing to consider everything that he has done in six short weeks. Rudolph has gone from a redshirt to a leader, from a quarterback contender to a Bedlam hero, from a guy who could be to a guy who is. (NewsOK)

That poor, poor Baylor kicker. (CBS)

No Oklahoma State football team has finished a season with a losing record since 2005, when current Cowboy freshmen were fourth-graders. (Tulsa World)

Gundy on Daxx: “One thing we’ll never know is, how could have (Mason) Rudolph held up if he would have gone through the same — for lack of a term — beating that Daxx went through?” (NewsOK)

Gundy on what OSU needs to do against Washington: “The two running backs need to make some plays. Four- and 6-yard runs won’t win this game. We’ve got to block for 4 and 6 and they’ve got to get 12- and 16-yard runs.” (Tulsa World)

I’m terrified of Washington’s pass rush tonight. If this was October they would have had 22 sacks. Maybe we can keep it to 7-8 on Friday. (ESPN)

This might be the greatest Vine ever. (CBS)

Bryce Petty after losing to Michigan State: “”Y’all can’t stand us anyways, so I’m sure there will be plenty of things said about us. It sucks not to finish and again, that’s on the players not the coaches. As far as the national scale, believe it or not, whether y’all like it or not, Baylor’s going to be in the top.” (Fox SW)

Good point here — depending on where Rudolph’s career goes I think the Daxx concussion against Texas will go down as one of the great “what ifs” in OSU sports history. (CRFF)

David Glidden on Rudolph: “He continues to get better and better. He is better now than he was in the win over OU.” (Scout)

Gundy on Rudolph: “I joked with my wife that I’m sure he’s been a pretty hot, big hit on campus. He’s really handled himself well.” (Tulsa World)

On the importance of OSU’s young guns growing up. (NewsOK)

Petersen and Gundy look like they have the exact same body. Same height, same weight, etc. Weird. (Tumblr)

I feel confident in calling this the greatest playoff game in college football history. (CBS)

This catch though. (Big Lead)

This selfie thing is getting out of control, no? Here are the best ones from Thursday, by the way.

Gundy’s press conference from Thursday.


If the Celtics are going to take a positive step toward respectability post-Rajon Rondo, if they are going to be regarded as something tougher than tissue, then Smart, the future of the franchise and the lone Celtic guaranteed to be around here for a little while, needs to become that same undersized bull he was at Oklahoma State. (Boston Globe)

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OSU has 10 wrestlers in the quarterfinals of the Southern Scuffle today. (okstate)


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