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Bullets: Gundy says OSU will probably use multiple QBs

Kevin Peterson on the new guys, is JW underrated now (?), and things aren’t going great in Norman..




Gundy says “it’s a good possibility” they’ll use multiple QBs but he has faith in Walsh. Okay. (AP)

Hiding behind his tinted shades, Gundy is purposely vague and indistinct, determined to build a wall around himself and his program. And for someone that holds a key to a golden era at Oklahoma State in the pocket of his black hoodie, I can only wonder why. (CRFF)

Kevin Peterson: “The very first day they reported, I had to go to Wal-Mart for a futon for my room. I saw three of the linebackers, Gyasi Akem and two others, I’m not sure which.I was like, ‘Dang, those dudes are big. Those dudes are huge. They look like they’ve been here for two or three years.’” (NewsOK)

As a freshman, Walsh had a quarterback rating of 170.11, the fourth best ever by a freshman. Yet, most consider quarterback to be a huge question for the Cowboys and a giant bonus for the Sooners. (Tulsa World)

This Brandon Weeden interview was just tremendous. (CRFF)

Tre Flowers on Josh Furman: “Coming from the Big 10, all they do is tackle.” (NewsOK)

Des Roland on JW: “He was the hardest worker this summer. He was the last one to leave practice during metabolics. He’s stronger than most of the players on our team.” Shocking! (Tulsa World)

Really good first practice report from Robert Allen here. Gundy laying down the law! (Scout)

Gundy: “Honestly, there’s so many new guys out there, I don’t even know who they are. A couple guys would make plays and I would ask who they are.” I thought this was why he just used numbers? (NewsOK)

Justin Blackmon is no hero but he never was to begin with. (PFB)

The team that gave Florida State the most trouble last season was Auburn. The Tigers had a read-option style offense with a run-first quarterback in Nick Marshall. (CRFF)

A bunch of folks were asked if OSU would try to play faster on offense this season. The conclusion: Nobody really knows. (NewsOK)

David Koenig: Right now at practice, J.W. is our guy. He goes with the (first-team offense), but all of those quarterbacks are good and they’re all competing.” (Tulsa World)

Blake Webb: “We look great. We have a lot of depth. This could be a special group of receivers and I’m excited to see what we do.” (NewsOK)

Good stuff here from Whetsell analyzing the arc of Gundy’s career. (CRFF)

Things are not going swimmingly down in Norman but this is what happens when you invite trouble into the program (see: Thomas, Devon). (NewsOK)

Brandon Garrett on his leg injury in the Cotton Bowl: “I’ll probably be done with football by the time I watch it. Or it will probably be another year or two. It’s just something I don’t care to see.” (Tulsa World)

Berry says it’s too easy to get married and too hard to get divorced. I think I probably agree with that sentiment. (NewsOK)

Some cool pics from Saturday’s media day as well as practice. (Flickr)

Deric Robertson’s dad on Mike Gundy: ““I like the way that he treats his players. He’s more of a father figure, to me, than he is a coach.” (Tulsa World)

Gundy on The Freek: (Big 12 Sports)

Gundy’s dog! (NewsOK)

James Castleman with the funny: “I haven’t heard about the game yet. Something about the national champs?” (Muskogee Phoenix)


Gary Gaskins is transferring. I forgot he was still on the team. (Sports Illustrated)

This rookie photo face superlatives is terrific. (SB Nation)

Random stuff

What preys on our minds, when we aren’t updating our Facebook page or in spinning class, are the things we haven’t figured out — difficult relationships, personal and professional failures, money trouble, health concerns and so on. (NYT)

J.K. Rowling on how to be a good writer. (Austin Kleon)

One rare game for the original Nintendo can go for as much as $30,000 in the box. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the Gundy presser.


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