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Bullets: Gundy thinks OSU will be better at D-Line

Cool data visualization interactive piece, Berry on the QBs, and Carson and I on the uniforms.






Oh Bill Snyder, you silly old ma…oh wait, no, I agree with all of this. (CBS Sports)

A PFB fan from Interworks sent this interactive data visualization over and it’s pretty awesome. The historical stuff is amazing. Check it. (Tableau Software)

You can vote for OSU having the best uniforms in college football. They don’t, of course, but you can still vote for it. (CRFF)

Gundy: “I think at the end or the middle of the year, our defensive line will be better than we were last year. We’ve got some depth there.” (NewsOK)

Here is some Daxx footage from the last time he played. (Tulsa World)

Carson and I wrote about the 25th-ranked unis. He’s much better at it than I am. (PFB)

Van Malone on the corners: They’re young. When we say ‘young,’ we just mean they haven’t had game experience, but they have really good natural ability, and that’s what excites us.” (Tulsa World)

Day 6 photos. (Flickr)

The SI lawsuits are (somehow) getting messier. (NewsOK)

Berry on the QBs: “It’s all dicey. These days, Gundy likes to play games with the media and likes to play games with his quarterbacks, so everyone is kept in a constant state of confusion. Maybe that’s by design, and if so, maybe it works. I don’t know.” (NewsOK)

I don’t expect everyone to agree with this — sometimes I write stuff just to keep you guys thinking. Hope it’s at least interesting. (PFB)

The CFB Playoff hasn’t really deterred teams from scheduling the Savannah States of the world. (CBS Sports)

Good stuff here on Ben Grogan. Here’s Grogan: “Being on my own for the offseason as opposed to being with them, it’s definitely a big difference. Having the equipment and then also the coaching, it’s helped me get to where I need to be.” (NewsOK)

Devonte Fields, gone. (CBS Sports)

Most of you believe that Gundy is, in fact, serious about playing Daxx against The Champs. (PFB)

Barry Sanders is giving the profits from his new kicks to charity. Pretty cool. (NewsOK)

I love Van.


Awesome profile of Desmond. Mason’s depth is substantial — as a person, a father, a husband, a leader, an entrepreneur, a studied artist, an all- around trendsetter and someone who is overflowing with original beauty, hustle and compassion. (OK Gazette)

Other sports

Rickie Fowler photobombed Tiger Woods on Wednesday at the PGA Championship. (CBS Sports)

Random stuff

Good stuff from Royce on the Thunder Problem. (Daily Thunder)

I’m live blogging the PGA Championship all day. (CBS Sports)


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