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Bullets: Gundy turns up tempo at practice

Could OSU set a new record in attendance (?), if Daxx is the answer I don’t know if I want to know the question, and Barry Sanders’ 1988 season revisited.





“Even if we aren’t able to, my guess is that we’ll probably end with the second or third highest season-ticket sales ever for OSU.” (NewsOK)

Gundy on Monday’s practice: “That’s the tempo we’re going to play at. We’re going to play that fast, and we’re going to train like that. We’re just in our second day of shoulder pads. As guys get a better understanding of where we’re trying to go and what we’re trying to accomplish, we’ll play faster and faster.” (Tulsa World)

Good stuff here from Berry Tramel on how this season looks a lot like 2012. (NewsOK)

Here’s a Jameis Winston interview with Kirk Herbstreit. (ESPN)

The Cowboys’ crowd for the FSU game is expected to be like the Cotton Bowl. (NewsOK)

Clay Travis doesn’t have OSU as a top 25 head coaching job. Agree? Disagree? (Fox Sports)

If Daxx is the answer, I’m not sure I want to know the question. (CRFF)

Has OSU hit a wall on how fast it can go? (PFB)

Yurcich on Walsh: “We want our quarterback erect after every play and not take the big impact type hit.” (NewsOK)

Photos of Day 4 of fall practice. (Flickr)

“I went up to Oklahoma State and Pat [Jones, the Oklahoma State head coach] was sitting there. He was a soft-spoken guy. I said, ‘Boy, it’s going to be tough losing Thurman. What will you do?’ “And Pat said, ‘Well, I got a guy I like. The backup is pretty good.’ “I walked out of there thinking, ‘Yeah, right,'” Robinson said. “I walked out of there with one of those smirks on my face. Turns out the backup was Barry Sanders.” (ESPN)

Only two of my colleagues over at CBS pick OSU as high as fourth. Everybody else has us at fifth or sixth. (CBS Sports)

Why OSU will beat FSU. (CRFF)

Here’s the full list of the best seasons by each individual Big 12 team. (ESPN)

Dana’s banging Red Bulls again. September is just around the corner. (Big Lead)

This is about the least surprising news I’ve heard all day. (Yahoo)

Terrific breakdown of what we can learn from the first batch of individual Big 12 media days here. WVU might be interesting, Texas will not be. (ESPN)

Am I the only one bored out of my mind by Charlie Strong’s cliches? (CBS Sports)

This video of Bama fans sprinting after the autograph of their great leader is something fierce. I can’t look away. (CBS Sports)

Wow, Lester makes a grass smoothie. (Yahoo)


James Anderson to the Euroleague. I think he’ll do well there. (CRFF)

Other sports

Rickie Fowler’s PGA Championship gear. (Twitter)

Random stuff

Good stuff from Royce here on whether or not NBA players should play for Team USA. (Daily Thunder)

This is hilarious.

Mike Yurcich says zero interesting things here. Not that that’s what’s required of him.

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