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Bullets: Is James Washington going to play?

Gundy’s big day, OSU’s new center sounds legit, and don’t forget to take the 2014 football survey.




Here’s Mike Gundy with an all-time GIF. I’m dying. (PFB)

Here’s a photo of the folks in the band that came to play for him. (Twitter)

Kristen Gundy: “That’s right, he’s 47 and we were running out of ideas. The OSU band has always been special to us and my boys love the drum line. Wayne called me and brought up the idea and I thought it was an awesome idea and something he will always remember versus another shirt.” (Scout)

My man, James Washington. Here’s Gundy on him: “I was just talking to one of our coaches today — the most pleasant thing about him is he plays hard and never says a word.” (Tulsa World)

This is about as cool a story on a center as you’re going to read. Great stuff. (NewsOK)

Take the OKC Dave’s 2014 football survey. It’s open all week and more than 1,000 folks can take it this year. (PFB)

I don’t know about Gary Patterson at No. 5 (?) but this list of the other top coaches in the Big 12 is solid. (247)

This Laquon Treadwell catch is Dez-like. (CBS Sports)

Brooke Haney helped me preview the season on Tuesday. (PFB)

Billy Bajema joins Rashaun Woods as a high school football coach. (Tulsa World)

James Castleman on Jameis: “Of course I’d like to sack him. He’s a Heisman winner.” (NewsOK)

What is Kansas doing?! (Big Lead)

On what OSU is chasing in recruiting: For a program that truly values its receivers, the Cowboys are still looking for its first receiver pledge. Strickland would be a big get — and he’d also be reunited with former high school teammate Ra’Shaad Samples. (ESPN)

On a couple of advanced stats and just how poor OSU was in these areas in 2013. (PFB)

Dabo doing trick shots on a pool table because why not? (CBS Sports)

We’re in the top 20 with our uniform rankings. (PFB)


I’m pretty pumped about a 11 a.m. game against South Carolina……………… (Scout)

More stuff I’m reading

This feature on DeAndre Yedlin is terrific. I’m probably overly-optimistic about him. (Grantland)

Meet the greatest Scrabble player on the planet. He has a few moves in here that are just incredible. (538)

Interesting: Simmons gets his own hoops show. (Deadspin)

Finished this book last week. It’s solid but I do love golf. (Amazon)

This looks bonkers.

Well done.


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