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Bullets: James Castleman playfully calls out OSU offense

All of the QBs, Gundy’s comp for The Freek, and making fun of Bama fans is so fun.





Cool look back at all the times OSU and FSU have squared off. (CRFF)

Hah, relationship status between OSU players and Mike Gundy: “It’s complicated.” (Fox 23)

Terrific preview here by the Big Lead of the Big 12. OSU rebounds better than you might think and why isn’t anyone talking about how much juice Baylor lost? (Big Lead)

James Castleman on the new defensive players: “I definitely trust these guys. I don’t know if this generation is getting smarter, but these young guys coming in — they’re very athletic and smart.” (Tulsa World)

Castleman: “I think today was the first time ever coach (Mike) Gundy let the defense be indoors. We don’t care really. We’re the defense, we’re going to go out and hit somebody no matter what. So of course the offense is going to be like, ‘Oh, it’s too hot outside.’” !!! (Muskogee Phoenix)

I think Gundy is for real about this QB situation thing. (NewsOK)

I dragged Carson in to help me with the uniform rankings. He’s my uni ombudsman — the job he was born for. (PFB)

Yurcich on the QBs: “All three are looking good. Daxx is doing a great job with the reps that he’s getting, JW is getting better every day it seems. The young rookie, Rudolph, is really doing good as well. So all three have their strong points and it’s fun to go and coach them every day.” Gundy has a “WTF is he talking about” quote in there, too. (NewsOK)

Gundy compares The Freek to Rafael Denson who was a Big 8 star. (Standard-Times)

Making of fun of Bama fans is even more fun than making fun of OU fans, I think. (CBS Sports)

Good stuff from Pat Forde on the power shift atop the Big 12 table. (Yahoo)

Get your vote in here on whether or not Gundy is serious about playing Daxx in the opener. (PFB)

Some great photos of Day 5 of fall practice here. (Flickr)

Jameis took out a $10 million insurance policy. Wow. (CBS Sports)

Effort! Enthusiasm!

Some good stuff in here.


Good look at a big-time recruit from Texas Travis Ford is trying to get. (Scout)

Here’s the Vegas tournament bracket with Auburn, Tulsa, Oregon St., and the fightin’ Travis Fords. (ESPN)

For all those college (and high school!) all-stars who think they’re going to The League — this dude was one of the best I’ve ever seen at OSU and he averaged double digits a game in the NBA last year and can’t find a team. Cutthroat. (Philly)

Other sports

What winning the PGA Championship would mean for Rickie Fowler. (CBS Sports)

Random stuff

Definitely putting this in the queue for a workout this week. (Big Lead)

This is tremendous: “Research shows that these digital derailments are costly: it’s not only the minutes lost responding to a tweet but also the time and energy required to “reenter” the original task. As Douglas Gentile, a professor at Iowa State University who studies the effects of media on attention spans, explains, “Everyone who thinks they’re good at multitasking is wrong. We’re actually multiswitching [and] giving ourselves extra work.” (Harvard Business Review)


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