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Bullets: Jawun Evans gets USA Hoops nod

Josh Hamilton is stealing Bryant Reeves’ nickname and a great story about one of the best tailgates in Stillwater.




Hoops misc.

Man, I really feel for Iowa State. Can you imagine Gottlieb coming in, rebooting the program and then getting picked off by the Phoenix Suns after five years? Yeesh. (NewsOK)

Jawun Evans was invited to the USA hoops U19 training camp. (okstate)

Here’s the new OSU fan shirt (no idea what this means). (okstate)

KD to Miami? (Deadspin)

I feel like Le’Bryan has given more good quotes in the last week than he did in four years at Oklahoma State. (NESN)

Josh Hamilton stealing Bryant Reeves’ nickname? Get out of here with that. (Fansided)

Football misc.

Cool story about one of the preeminent tailgates at Boone Pickens. (Tulsa World)

Will the NYE playoff games really bother anyone? (NewsOK)

If not winning Bedlam or a Big 12 title in the next three years would put Gundy’s job in jeopardy, he should leave Stillwater. I would if I was him. (ESPN)

Charlie Strong had tiger cubs playing in his office for some unknown reason. (Yahoo)

Oklahoma State’s new walk-on kicker: “Oklahoma seems like such a friendly state.” (Tulsa World)

BREAKING: The Big 12 would like to be more stable, have more cash. (Yahoo)

Other sports

Morgan Hoffmann on MJ: “I mean, he’s like a 10 handicap. Or actually, you know what, he’s like a six or five. If he hears me saying this, he’ll probably shoot me.” (NJ)

Sepp, gone. (Deadspin)

You had me at “Scott Van Pelt grilled Tim Kurkjian…” Van Pelt crushes him. (Big Lead)

My dude.

More stuff I’m reading

This is beautiful. (Kottke)

The Internet needs a save button. Cool piece on how we read online. (Medium)

Criticism is easy to do, but rarely worth listening to, mostly because it’s so easy to do. (Godin)

I have 227 browser tabs open, and my computer runs fine. Here’s my secret. (Vox)

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