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Bullets: Jimbo Fisher loves playing Oklahoma State

Mike Gundy does not agree, Jason Ray talks about his WRs, and Kevin Peterson thinks Jhajuan Seales could break out this year.





Doesn’t autonomy for the power five just make the entire thing more confusing? Or is that just me? (CRFF)

One of the coaches for the teams that will play on August 30 said this and it wasn’t Gundy: “I like these games. It’s a different place to go, the atmosphere, the environment and the way it’s set up, it’s like a playoff game or a bowl game. The more you can put yourself in those situations, the better you handle those situations when they come around again.” (Jacksonville)

I’m pretty sure Gundy isn’t one of these. Wait, he was?! (Yahoo)

Bob Bowlsby: The only thing that you really have to do after adopting ‘One True Champion’ as your moniker is you have to go out and win some games,” Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. “We want to win national championships.” (Daily Gate)

Photos from Thursday’s practice. (Flickr)

Gundy: “We’ve given JW (Walsh) 50 percent of the reps. And then Mason (Rudolph) and Daxx are getting 25 percent each.” (NewsOK)

Here’s Weeden’s first TD pass as a Cowboy. (Twitter)

Jason Ray on the receivers:You know, I think Jhajuan [Seales] is doing really well, David Glidden is doing really well, and Brandon Shepard.” (Scout)

Kevin Peterson on Jhajuan Seales: “His strength and speed are really deceptive, and his routes are so smooth. If you watch film you think he’s slow, people think they can cover him, but once you’re out there guarding him, he’s throwing people out of the way and burning people [with his speed]. His size makes it deceptive the type of player he really is.” (ESPN)

Josh Holliday will join Mike Gundy at the Cowboy Caravan. (okstate)

Gundy on FSU: “When you look at the talent-level that they have and the depth they have this year, they really don’t have weaknesses.” (Tallahassee Democrat)

Jason Garrett on Weeds last night: I thought Brandon Weeden had good poise conducting some of those drives.” (Dallas Morning News)

Oklahoma State is in the final four of the uniform bracket. (Sporting News)

No. Ill. has corn on its jerseys! (CBS Sports)

This shouldn’t be close but Barry is going against VY in the finals of “The Season.” (ESPN)

Lester hasn’t been interviewed by anybody regarding the SI investigation. (Shreveport Times)

Gundy: From this practice through practice No. 20 — that’s where you have to make up ground. Young players have to decide whether they’re tough enough for the grind of football and whether they want to make a play.” (Tulsa World)


Markel is answering Twitter questions today. (Twitter)

Other sports

Like this from Berry on Bob May. He rolled with Big Cat for 75 holes 14 years ago at Valhalla. (NewsOK)

Neil Medchill is taking time away from baseball to be a bone-marrow donor. (NewsOK)

Random stuff

Great post here examining the state of sportswriting. (Sherman Report)

Berry Tramel praises KD’s decision to pull out of the World Cup. (NewsOK)

This on the most popular 16-year-old in the world is pretty tiring. (Huffington Post)

Such a great post here on freelancing and what it’s actually like. (Deadspin)

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