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Bullets: Joe Wickline can’t get hearing in Texas

Mitchell Solomon wants to be like Dirk and OSU hasn’t swept K-State in basketball since 1994.




OSU basketball

Mitchell Solomon on who he’s tried to model his game after: “I’ve always liked Dallas (Mavericks) basketball. So, I’ve kind of watched Dirk (Nowitzki) growing up, not that I’ve modeled my game after him. I kind of have, but I’ve kind of known that I needed to have range to play at this level. So I guess you could say Dirk.” (Tulsa World)

Jeff Newberry wanted to give his mom an adequate birthday present on Wednesday against Tech — he did that and more. (Tulsa World)

Care to guess the last time OSU swept Kansas State in basketball? It was before the Final Four appearance…..the one in Seattle that is. (okstate)

Speaking of Kansas State, I did a podcast with the boys from Bring on the Cats this week talking about the game tomorrow morning. (Bring on the Cats)

Basketball misc.

Arkansas beat Alabama on a wild tip-in in overtime last night. (CBS)

Kansas gave Obama a No. 1 KU jersey. They could probably use him at shooting guard on offense. (Yahoo)

I think I’ve posted this on here before but Arizona State’s student section is crushing it at home games during opposing teams’ free throws. (Yahoo)

Brad Stevens on Marcus Smart: ““He’s doing a good job of playing well, of handling success and adversity. Those are all precursors to being a leader,” said Stevens. “When you’re a young person you have to earn that kind of respect with your approach. It’s not even your play, it’s your approach.” (Boston Herald)

This Manu behind-the-back bounce pass was filthy. (Big Lead)

Football misc.

Joe Wickline can’t countersue Oklahoma State from the state of Texas. It has to happen in Payne County. (NewsOK)

OSU went before the NCAA on Thursday to try and have its Level II infractions from the SI scandal reduced to Level III. This is a hilariously benign outcome from where we were on, say, the first day of that scandal. (NewsOK)

I’m ready to vote for this offensive line recruit for president after reading what his high school coach said about him. (Scout)

Josh Heupel lands at Utah State with Carson’s boy, Matt Wells. Wells is also a Sallisaw, OK native. (Yahoo)

K-State and Vandy, eh? Not a lot of fireworks going on there. (CBS)

What would Mason Rudolph’s stats have looked like if he had started the entire season for Oklahoma State? (CRFF)

Wow, Central Michigan’s coach left to become Arkansas’ offensive coordinator. (Tulsa World)

Also, the Wisconsin coach leaving for Oregon State doesn’t make any more sense now than it did a month ago. (Yahoo)

A job networking event for OSU student-athletes? Positions at PFB also available. Pay = not good. (Tumblr)

NFL things

Tom Brady balls supercut. (Deadspin)

Andrew Luck is pretty much the best. (Big Lead)

These supercuts are always great.

Other sports

Big weekend for OSU wrestling. Two top 10 matchups — one with Mizzou and the other with Iowa State. (okstate)

I watched the replay of this the other day and it will be overwrought probably but it actually was pretty cool when it happened. (FTW)

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More stuff I’m reading

ESPN averaged 18.4 (!) unique visitors a day in 2014. That’s a few more than PFB! (ESPN Media)

The “Talk About” question! (Grantland)

Roger Angell on what it’s like to be a blogger: “it’s a bit like making a paper airplane and then watching it take wing below your window.” (Kleon)

The Marco Polo app. I’ll be getting this for my wife. (Saddington)

The journey from hobby to job. This doesn’t seem very deep at first glance but I actually feel like it is for some reason. (Kottke)

Did you know the industry standard finish rate for mystery books is 62%? (BuzzFeed)

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