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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Mason Rudolph gets another weapon

Spring game rosters released, ANOTHER women’s basketball player leaves and OSU baseball rained out Tuesday.




Spring game comin’

I’m intrigued to see what this Keenan Brown fella can do. (Tulsa World)

Here are the rosters for the spring game. (NewsOK)

And Robert Allen with the full breakdown. (Scout)

Football misc.

I’m way in on Texas-A&M renewing their thing. I’d just like them to stop talking about it and actually do it. (Yahoo)

Josh Stewart is getting another shot with the Titans. He also likes going to Thomas the Train events, apparently. (NewsOK)

OSU targets to watch this spring. (Scout)

Urban Meyer’s buyout makes Travis Ford’s seem like a joke. (Deadspin)

The Browns new unis are…not good (I like the pants, though). (Deadspin)

Hoops misc.


Steph Curry is a robot. 77 straight 3s? (Big Lead)

Other sports

What it’s like to be John Smith’s son. (NewsOK)

OSU baseball will have to get its 2,500th win later this week. (okstate)

Great line from Eddie Klimara here: “Coach Smith is going to kill me.” (O’Colly)

The women’s basketball exile continues

It’s Wednesday which means somebody transferred from the OSU women’s basketball team yesterday. (NewsOK)

Littell speaks.

More stuff I’m reading

Top 10 confused words in English. (Daily Writing Tips)

Hillary Clinton logo typeface. (Kottke)

Here’s what it should have been. (Vox)

Humans are quite bad at dealing with ambiguity, and even worse when there’s money on the table. (Godin)

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