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Bullets: Mike Gundy quotes are the best quotes

Another Wickline-Texas incident, baseball’s new stadium and what the Big 12 got wrong.




Football misc.

That should impress the football committee. OU, or Texas, or OSU, or Kansas State, or Baylor, could bust its buttons and tell America, “they drew our name out of a hat.” (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy quotes are the best. “What I’ve learned in this job is, for a certain extent, they pay me to think.” Well, they don’t pay you to construct proper sentences. (ESPN)

Todd McShay has Emmanuel Ogbah going No. 5 (!) to Tampa Bay in next year’s NFL Draft. I’m probably slotting him too early here, but Ogbah has an intriguing skill set and was highly productive during the 2014 season. (ESPN Insider)

We have another Wickline-Texas incident. This time, in the SEC. (Yahoo)

I’m ready for about three of these a week from RA. (Scout)

The Cowboys will go two-deep at cornerback with Kevin Peterson, Ramon Richards and Ashton Lampkin returning as cornerbacks who have started games. Add Indiana transfer Michael Hunter into the mix and OSU will have four top-notch cornerbacks that will be battling for playing time. (ESPN)

Wait, what? An NCAA report calculated 43.1 percent of men’s basketball players, 35.2 percent of football players and 15.3 percent of all student-athletes who enrolled as freshmen in 2009-10 to play Division I sports would not have met the 2016 standards. (O’Colly)

I like Victor Salako. Mike Gundy “kept it real on the phone.”

Baseball things

Is OSU finally going to get a new baseball stadium? (NewsOK)

Josh Holliday talks about WVU and his senior class.

Golf & other sports

OSU had two golfers on the All-Big 12 first team. (Big 12 Sports)

Rickie Fowler laughs at the notion of being overrated.”I guess top-fives in four majors aren’t that good. Like I said, I’ll take care of my business and I’ll be just fine.” (ESPN)

FIFA turned down grass fields for the Women’s World Cup? Seems legit! (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

On Kickstarter and failure. (Kottke)

Great headline here. And Whole Foods is releasing a new brand. (Eater)

Americans are more comfortable with a gay president than an evangelical one. (Vox)

Speaking of evangelicals, how Christianity invented children. (The Week)

Photos of the POTUS in 49 of the 50 states. (Medium)

Finally watched this 30 for 30 last night. It was awesome.

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