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Bullets: Mike Gundy talks about the difference in playing QB in 2014

JW = Trevor (?), ESPN has OSU at 5-7 this season, and Tyreek Hill as a top 25 player in the Big 12.



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Terrific stuff here from Berry on the similarities between JW Patton and Trevor Knight. I think it speaks more to the fact that we shouldn’t be handing OU the Big 12 than anything, though. (NewsOK)

CoffeeDez took to Twitter to complain about his contract negotiation. (Twitter) But he was just talking about a Bleacher Report article. (Twitter)

Pretty intriguing quote here from Jason Ray on the OSU receivers: “The strong-point of our group is the fact that we’re young, and those kids are hungry.” (NewsOK)

OSU’s best of its 96 five-year periods of football was from 2009-2013. (PFB)

ESPN has OSU at 5-7 this season. That would be a disaster. (ESPN)

Larry Fedora is jacked! (Yahoo)

Gundy: “If [QBs] don’t play right away, they’ll leave. When I was being recruited [to Oklahoma State], you expected to redshirt. And if you started for two years, that was considered a really nice college career.” (Fox SW)

Tyreek Hill as the 25th best player in the Big 12. You agree? I think that’s a bit high for not having ever seen him play. (ESPN)

Adam Kramer on the absurdity of college recruiting and you want to read this. (Rolling Stone)

John Kolar might enroll at Christmas. (ESPN)

I started ranking the football uniform combinations. Here’s the page where the running ranking will be. (PFB)

The patience for assaults on women is growing thin in the athletic arena, hither and yon. (NewsOK)

Somebody called Dez an Einstein. Real life. (PFB)


John Calipari takes $100,000 worth of private flights a month in the summer. (Yahoo)

Markel Brown will make about $500,000 next season. (Upside Motor)

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart is one of only two rookies on USA Basketball’s select team that opens a four-day training with the national team on Monday in Las Vegas. (ESPN)

Random stuff

This looks awesome. h/t RJ Young. (NPR)

Why do Americans stink at math? (NYT)

Seven reasons to stop praising excess. (Becoming Minimalist)

A book that will teach you how to apply the disciplined pursuit of less to every area of your life. I’m in. (Challies)

What are you willing to stand up for, bleed for, commit to and generally be unreasonable about? (Godin)


Dana is the best (by far).

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