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Bullets: The non-QB reason OSU started playing well again

OSU players don’t know Dez went to OSU and why OSU could win the Big 12 next year.





Good story here on Zac Veatch’s move back to tight end. “Veatch is an unbelievable teammate. He’s that guy that you want to go to war with … Guys like Veatch are willing to make a big sacrifice for the good of the group.” (NewsOK)

OSU has players who not only don’t remember that Rashaun Woods went to OSU but don’t remember that Dez Bryant went to OSU. I am old. (Tulsa World)

A few short stories from Berry Tramel with some surprise Christmas endings. (NewsOK)

ICYMI: This is the team that Oklahoma State opens with in 2015 and it pulled off the play of the bowl season on Christmas Eve. (PFB)

If the SEC coaches had a Christmas party. (Yahoo)

The orange stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hope that St. Pickens would soon be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Frank Eaton danced in their heads. (CRFF)

Jake Trotter picks OSU as the team from the bottom of the Big 12 this season that could win the conference title next year. (ESPN)

Terrific list here of which Oklahoma State recruiting targets are playing in All-American games. (Scout)

Oklahoma State has won five of its last six over teams currently playing in the Pac-12 Conference, dating back to 2009. (okstate)


How Tiffany Bias brought one of the best players ever from Kansas to Stillwater. (Big 12 Sports)

Other sports

On how Alex Dieringer is trying to make a step up in weight classes this year. (Big 12 Sports)

The 101 most popular posts on Deadspin this year. (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

Top posts on becoming minimalist. I need to re-read all of these, probably. (Becoming Minimalist)

Goodness. How to write a novel in a month. This is absurd. (Kottke)

The two kinds of blog. (Challies)

I think great and effective leaders make complex things simple. Not that they “dumb it down” or remove the inherent complexity but rather they present information in such a way that creatives and instills confidence rather than fear and anxiety. (Saddington)

Seven addictive podcasts that aren’t Serial. Only one I’ve heard is StartUp and it’s excellent. (Vox)

There are days when I don’t fancy it, but writing is the only thing that can get me to the library for two hours after a long day at work. (Medium)

Speaking of Serial, I wasn’t aware that Brian Phillips had written about it. (Grantland)

In fact, they [elementary school kids] so unperturbed that 58 percent said they pretended to believe in Santa after realizing the truthso as not to disappoint their parents. (New Republic)

This is cool.

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