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Bullets: OSU defense was not good statistically in 2014

Mike Gundy talks Boone Pickens, Dez might be the best WR in the NFL and a great Tom Brady profile.





Wow. (Tulsa World)

Good point here by Kyle Fredrickson — who in the world is going to play RB next year? (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State’s defense was not very good no matter how you look at it. (ESPN)

Gundy on his team right now: “They were able to have a good time last night and still come out and have a good practice today. They’re all excited, and they’re glad to be out here. They enjoy Arizona.” (okstate)

Gundy on Bedlam: “the biggest win in my 10-year history as the head coach.” (Tulsa World)

It would be pretty wild if Kyle Whittingham was suddenly on the market. (CBS)

Photos from a Cactus Bowl practice. A JW Walsh sighting by the way. (Flickr)

Another couple of No. 4 sightings here. (Flickr)

Bret Bielema did the Horns down sign in a photo with Charlie Strong and it was awesome. (Yahoo)

Here’s the video. It’s somehow better. (Big Lead)

“It’s kind of like the sacred cow in our state is college football. I wish that people cared as much about how women are treated as we care about national championships. That could change our state for women and girls.” (NewsOK)

Mike Yurcich is probably coming back in 2015. (Tulsa World)

Clint Trickett is retiring. Five concussions in 14 months?! (CBS)

Gundy on UDub: “They got a couple players that are very, very highly regarded. They can run, tackle, can blitz, can make some plays.” (ESPN)

Here’s the NFL Draft order for 2015. (Big Lead)

Ranking the Big 12 bowl games. I think OSU-Washington will be better than No. 7 but there are some really good ones. (NewsOK)

Harbaugh to Ann Arbor is a done deal (whatever that means). (CBS)

Kansas State’s AD is a voice of reason. (NewsOK)

Art Briles’ son is the new Baylor offensive coordinator. (CBS)

Ramon Richards had never played corner before this year. I’m not sure I knew that. Also, why is he allowed to talk to the media? (NewsOK)

Is Dez the best WR in the NFL? (Deadspin)

He set a new Cowboys single-season TD record on Sunday. (Fox SW)

Oregon’s new helmets for the Playoff are awesome (duh). (CBS)

The OU football monster demands to be fed. (NewsOK)

Here’s Gundy in Arizona talking about the bowl game.

Here’s how OSU is getting ready for the Cactus Bowl in its hotel.


Tony Allen’s son threw up all over him. (Deadspin)

Read the very last bullet point here. KD KDing. (Daily Thunder)

SMU is immersing itself in the transfer game. (CBS)

There was a world class flop in the Kentucky-Louisville game. (Yahoo)

Haha, here’s Westbrook asking Royce Young if he knows any of the Thunder plays.

More stuff I’m reading

Read this Tom Brady profile over Christmas. It’s awesome. He’s awesome. (Sports Illustrated)

Want a grateful 16 year old? Teach a 6 year old gratitude and give him 10 years to practice. (Acuff)

10 must-have Mac apps. (Saddington)

Here are 14 really interesting findings in 2014 (via Kottke). (Pew Research)

Why your niche can’t be too small. (Godin)

Teaching students to think critically. (iflscience)

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