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Bullets: Pokes stay ranked at No. 22

The ESPN movie is coming, OSU’s PPD rank in the Big 12 and OSU wrestling as a lifestyle.





Must read here on Eddie Sutton and Jerry Tarkanian. (Tulsa World)

It really is absurd that Eddie Sutton isn’t in the Hall of Fame. John Calipari and Bo Ryan? Come on! (O’Colly)

Basketball misc.

On Mr. Iba: I would  pay $100 to hear Travis Ford say “go out there with some blood in your eye” to his team. More Iba stories, please. (NewsOK)

Down goes Kansas (again). (Yahoo)

Oklahoma State is ranked No. 22 this week in the AP Poll. Should have been (probably would have been) top 18, honestly. (CBS)

Berry Tramel on the All-Star game: “I was watching the game, with about 75 percent attention, since the game is atrocity upon James Naismith’s creation.” (NewsOK)

I won’t be able to stomach the 1946-2000 matchup results, will I? (CRFF)

Not sure how to feel about Vitale not doing Duke-Carolina. That was such a staple of my childhood and yet he’s heading down the Lee Corso path. (Yahoo)

Le’Bryan was Big 12 Player of the Week. (PFB)

The Durant comments on the media and the NBA in general fascinate me. (NewsOK)

Football misc.

It’s insane that OSU’s defensive line isn’t in the top three in the conference. (ESPN)

It’s hard to believe, but OSU’s points per drive rate has been almost a full point lower than Baylor’s over the last three seasons. (ESPN)

How many hours of footage would you watch of dudes just trying to touch the rim with their heads? (Yahoo)

Roll bank accounts! (CBS)

Other sporting things

“I would say the lifestyle of living wrestling more than anything is probably what was different. It’s just not something that you do during practice. It goes home. It’s the lifestyle.” (O’Colly)

Aaron Schnautz has been killing baseball coverage for us so far this season. He had a great recap of the Arizona State series on Monday. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

The ESPN movie is coming. (FTW)

Speaking of ESPN, has Dan Patrick really left it behind? Pretty interesting stuff here. (Big Lead)

Why to journal (I started this again recently): The point of the daily diary exercise is not to record what you already know about what happened to you in the last 24 hours. Instead, it’s an invitation to the back of your mind to come forward and reveal to you the perishable images about the day you didn’t notice you noticed at all. (Kleon)

On ambition and turning pro. (Saddington)

Mr. Nunn has been physically separated from the rest of society for posting abusive words on a social media site. (NYT)

Watched this last night. It was a little slow but pretty good.

This is just absurd. What am I watching?

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