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Bullets: ‘Reindeer electrified’ in Waco

Gundy’s press conference was a jewel, is Rudolph erasing the QB competition, and God bless Teddy Johnson.




Might as well just start reserving this space for apologies post-OSU losses from now on. I stand by the sentiment but I should have said this in a different way. My bad.


In case anybody (like No. 10?) was wondering what it’s like to be a game-time decision. (NewsOK)

I did a running diary of the game. (PFB)

In his much anticipated collegiate debut, “The Reindeer” electrified a previously dormant Cowboys offense, and Oklahoma State hung tough with the seventh-ranked Bears before they pulled away 49-28. (ESPN)

Gundy: “This could’ve very well been the best game we have played in a month … it’s almost like we figured out that, ‘Hey, it’s going to be OK.’” Or you inserted a QB that’s just a lot better than the other one? (NewsOK)

Mrs. Pistols predicted a 48-24 game which is sort of incredible. (PFB)

Gundy even declined to say who would start Bedlam, but if Rudolph doesn’t start against OU, Gundy’s not qualified to coach Florida Gulf Coast, much less the University of Florida, a job for which he’s rumored to be under consideration. (NewsOK)

Jaylon Lane was arrested which is why he’s no longer committed to Oklahoma State. (Scout)

Mike Gundy is reportedly actively pursuing the Florida job. Nothing would surprise me at this point, I guess. (PFB)

But another performance like Saturday’s and perhaps there won’t even be a competition for the starter’s job in the spring. I’m afraid you could bring Tom Brady in and there would be a QB competition. (Tulsa World)

Gundy: “I thought that we played good once we got going. Unfortunately, we started slow and ended up behind. When you play a team that’s this good, you’ve got to start from the start.” (Scout)

Jesus, girls and Marcus Mariota. (CBS Sports)

This is true… Mason Rudolph, look at what you’ve done! Expectations were low for Rudolph’s first career action, but he cleared even the most ambitious hopes among the OSU faithful. (Fox SW)

Some cool photos from Waco on Saturday night. Great uni matchup. (Flickr)

So Boone wasn’t there last night. (NewsOK)

Lots of questions, not many answers. Was Garman the right choice to replace starter J.W. Walsh after Walsh left the second game of the season with a broken foot? Or would Rudolph have been the better option? Or did Rudolph simply grow up a lot in the past few weeks? (Tulsa World)

Pat Jones: “Twice they’ve had second-and-short and given the ball to Teddy Johnson. God bless Teddy Johnson, he’s probably had four carries in his life.” (NewsOK)

Maybe I am the worst OSU fan in the history of OSU fans but I thought the Samaje Perine game yesterday was cool. The timeout, the celebration, all of it. (CBS Sports)

Baylor wants you to know their convincing win was convincing. (Our Daily Bears)

Jameis pushed a ref last night because why not? He’s trying to see far he can go before somebody tells him to stop. (CBS Sports)

Here are the press conferences. Gundy’s is even more abbreviated than I thought it would be. He sounded like he’d rather be breaking down ebola than Mason Rudolph.

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