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Bullets: St. John’s saves ace for Saturday

Daxx to College Park, Big 12 Tourney stays in KC and some good stories on Trey Cobb.




Stillwater Regional

Whoa, St. John’s isn’t starting its ace today?! (NewsOK)

I don’t know how many different All-American teams there are (if the number of polls around is any indication, that number is “a lot”), but Michael Freeman got named to one of them on Thursday. (NewsOK)

“Don’t ever let a left-hander cut your hair.” (Tulsa World)

More on Trey Cobb, who seems like he grew up always wanting to be a Cowboy. (NewsOK)

It sounds like OSU and Arkansas will start playing more regularly. (Scout)

Josh Holliday: “If you win a regional, my experience is you do it one day at a time.” (Big 12 Sports)

A preview.

Hoops misc.

The Big 12 Tournament will stay in KC through 2020. (NewsOK)

The responses I had in my head to this headline… (okstate)

Football misc.

Daxx: “Coach Edsall has done a great job with the football program and he truly cares about his players. I’m very excited to compete in the Big Ten Conference.” Hmm.. (ESPN)

The Cowboy Caravan starts on June 1. (okstate)

Baker Mayfield can get it. (Yahoo)

Ranking the Big 12 uniforms. Trotter has OSU’s all blacks No. 24… (ESPN)


More stuff I’m reading

Here is a terrific blog-writing strategy. I do the same in different forms pretty much every day. It’s not (or shouldn’t be) complicated. (Saddington)

The man who only loved marbles. (Kottke)

How to slow down your family’s schedule. (Becoming Minimalist)

This is nuts.

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