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Bullets: The Freek is tearing it up at practice

The most hated team in Oklahoma, Glidden on the young guys, Gundy in mid-season interview form.





What could go wrong with asking Jameis Winston a bunch of questions on Twitter? Basically all of the things. (CRFF)

This is actually kind of funny: JW Walsh might be considered one of the top five returning QBs in the Big 12 except nobody knows whether or not he’s returning (starting). (247)

Funny story on The Freek from practice on Saturday. Something that made Jemal Singleton almost take his hat off and throw it. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel paints a pretty bleak picture here of the future of college athletics. (NewsOK)

Terrific work here from Robert Allen per the usual breaking down Saturday’s scrimmage. Gundy says he’s always honest and David Glidden is borderline giddy about The Freek. (Scout)

OBC sums up the O’Bannon case in two tweets here. Pretty hilarious. (Yahoo Sports)

Deric Robertson on Ryan Simmons: “Ryan is a no BS kind of guy. If you’re not in it to win it, he doesn’t want you around. If your goals are not oriented toward the team and trying to make the defense better, or the overall team in general, he doesn’t want you around.” Good profile by Kyle Fredrickson. (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Desmond Roland here on his attitude: “I just have to come ready to practice every day, I can’t come with a bad attitude. I have to stay positive, because I signed up for this. And that’s what I’m telling the freshmen, ‘You got to come ready to practice every day. Treat it like a game. It’s not too long before we’ll be playing in big-time games, and this hard work will pay off.'” (AP)

We ranked the 22nd-best OSU uniform combination over the weekend. (PFB)

David Glidden on the young guys: “If they’re complaining late in practice, they’re ready to get off the field. But yet, we’ve got to keep pushing because that’s how it’s going to be when we’re down at OU or Baylor and you’ve got 100,000 fans in Norman just screaming at you. At the same time, that’s what makes it fun.” (NewsOK)

Speaking of uniforms, I like these alternates from Michigan. (Yahoo)

Jordan Sterns references Markelle’s hit in the Fiesta Bowl as one of the reasons he wanted to come to OSU. (NewsOK)

So TCU isn’t allowing Devonte Fields to transfer? (Yahoo)

The most hated team in Oklahoma isn’t OU. (Twitter)

More on The Freek from Gundy: “When (Hill) was out there with us in the spring, and I said this, he was still a track guy playing football. He showed some signs today of a football player playing football. So I thought it was a really good scrimmage for him.” (NewsOK)

Barry Sanders won The Season. As he should have. (ESPN)

Haha, this photo will pretty much never get old. (CRFF)

OU is getting food trucks which is actually pretty smart. (CBS Sports)

Jimbo Fisher killed a bat at practice. (SB Nation)

Is this going to be OSU’s next elite WR? (NewsOK)

Here’s Gundy after the scrimmage. I’ve missed him, he looks to be in mid-season form.

Good stuff here from the defense, too.

This is great.

Other sports

I tried to write about whatever that was that happened at Valhalla on Sunday. (CBS Sports)

By the way, Fowler was not pleased with the decision for Rory and Wiesberger to play through on No. 18…as he shouldn’t have been. (ESPN)

More stuff I’m reading

According to data compiled from the state of Oklahoma website, the average salary for a university president in Oklahoma is $216,290.04. (Norman Transcript)

Deep-fried gummy bears on a stick at the state fair this year. Wow. (KFOR)

Fascinating stuff on the dude who helped create PTI. He started The Motley Fool! (Big Lead)

The most fascinating profile you’ll ever read about a guy and his boring startup. (Wired)

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