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Bullets: What a Bedlam!

What a night. All the quotes, stories, videos and more from a historic win in Norman for OSU.




Here’s a great recap of everything from Kyle Fredrickson. He was on the field and took some great video. (NewsOK)

Gundy does the Gundy because how could he not? (PFB)

Grogan’s game-winning kick was his first field-goal attempt since October. (NewsOK)

Rudolph with a simple but awesome quote here: “We were all psyched up to go back out there and put some more points on the board. And then obviously, the human cheetah, Tyreek Hill, took it back for six. So that was awesome.” (NewsOK)

Gundy sure sounds like he’s all in on coaching at Oklahoma State. (PFB)

Cool read here on Mason Rudolph’s sacrifice and why it re-shaped OSU’s future. (O’Colly)

Gundy: “Some things wear on me as a head coach. Some things don’t bother me at all. Anything that has to do with our players and wanting them to finish their careers at Oklahoma State with a good taste in their mouth is very important to me.” (NewsOK)

Here’s the celebration from BPS last night. (PFB)

These photos. Man. (Flickr)

Mike Gundy, you mad genius. (Tulsa World)

The biggest running into the kicker penalty in the history of Oklahoma State football. (NewsOK)

Here’s Dave Hunziker’s call synced up to Tyreek’s return. I love that he calls him the cheetah. (PFB)

I think I pulled a Lane on Tyreek’s punt return though I’m not totally sure because everything is stilly sort of blurry. (Yahoo)

10 Thoughts on Bedlam. (PFB)

By recording its sixth win of the season, Oklahoma State has secured bowl eligibility for the ninth consecutive season. (Tulsa World)

Desmond Roland on Rudolph: “I’m speechless for him. He deserves the MVP.” Yurcich pointed out that he was looking forward to more opportunities to coach him too…… (NewsOK)

Pretty much everybody has OSU in the Cactus Bowl against Washington. (Yahoo) (CBS) (ESPN)

Mike Gundy reminded us why he’s Tom Sawyer, coming out of hot water grinning and winning in the end. (NewsOK)

I’m sure nobody will be upset about whoever the committee chooses for the No. 4 spot. (Big Lead)

I think we’re all all in on Rudolph. (Tulsa World)

Video of Ben Grogan’s game-winner from the field. (PFB)

Tyreek with a tremendous quote: “There was a D-lineman chasing me from behind. I saw that and I just started smiling and crying and whatnot. I’m just thankful it happened, man.” (NewsOK)

The offensive line playing well without its best guy just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Makes me think a lot of this is just a momentum (emotion?) thing. (NewsOK)

And now, instead of an offseason of anticipation, there can be only fear and loathing as the Sooners will trudge to a bowl game before having to start over in 2015. New quarterback, maybe. Changes on defense, probably. Receivers? Who knows. (Fox SW)

No. (CBS)

Gundy on his dance: “I was concerned because it’s been so long, I didn’t know if I could still do it. But I can still do it.” Good stuff from Jenni Carlson on Gundy here. (NewsOK)

Baylor fan! (Big Lead)


What a mess.

Props to Nate for pointing out that the Rashaun and Tyreek TDs happened in the same corner of the end zone in Norman.

This is pretty weird.

An historic photo.


Oh man this is the best. Rudolph is asking Gundy if he can go playaction on third down in overtime in Norman in a tie game. Gundy reacts as if he’s seen the ghost of Jim Lookabaugh! (via CRFF)

 This is so great.  

All the highlights.

Stillwater was bonkers last night.


I couldn’t believe Kansas came back on Florida on Florida. Self probably thinks he has his worst team ever and they’ll go 29-2 or something. (Big 12 Sports)

Oh yeah we played basketball yesterday. (NewsOK)

Weston Shepherd wrote about it for us too. I feel bad that he had to watch it. (PFB)

This is awesome — the Big 10 is moving its conference tournament to MSG in 2018. (CBS)

A thing called a New Jersey Tech beat Michigan yesterday. (CBS)

Other sports

Wrasslin’ today in GIA. Going for the Bedlam sweep in one weekend. I’m pumped. (NewsOK)

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