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Bullets: What should we expect from Desmond Roland in 2014?

Gundy reading more than ever, Dana lying more than ever, and OU seems to be messier than ever.





Cool OSU football quiz, I’m scared to finish (don’t want to know what I got). (CRFF)

Good stuff here from the Cowboy Caravan last night in Tulsa. Gundy said he’s reading more news-y stuff than ever when it comes to college athletics. (NewsOK)

Frank Shannon has been suspended for the season. For a team that’s supposedly going to win the Big 12 and potentially the national title, OU sure is messy right now. (Sports Illustrated)

Cool story here on Bill Young. He certainly doesn’t seem very bitter. (NewsOK)

OU’s scholarship letter offer looks like a diploma. (Yahoo)

First ESPN power rankings are out and OSU is 7th. Probably fair. (ESPN)

I asked Travis Haney to help me preview the season. (PFB)

Good post here on what to expect out of Desmond Roland if he’s anything like OSU runners of the past. (CRFF)

I’m in on only recruiting Juco defensive linemen if these dudes turn out at all like Calvin Barnett. (NewsOK)

Dana says he lies in recruiting which is the least surprising thing Dana has ever said. (Yahoo)

The 21st-ranked football uniform. (PFB)

Some solid photos from OSU practice on Monday here. (Flickr)

This on Weeden: Maybe it will take him a couple games to realize this is a much better offensive line than the one he played behind in Cleveland. (Fox SW)

This is from three days ago but I feel like Glenn Spencer terrifies me.


The only three Big 12 teams who won’t appear on Big Monday? Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and TCU. Weeee! (Yahoo)

Markel is out for a month with a broken hand. Big bummer here, especially given how durable he was during his college career. (CBS Sports)

The most hated team in Oklahoma is not who you’d expect. (Yahoo)

Other sports

Long piece on Rickie Fowler I wrote about his performance at the PGA Championship and in 2014 in general. (PFB)

Josh Holliday on last season: “We certainly enjoyed it while it happened. We realize we had a special team. The minute the season ended, we hugged those kids and said goodbye to them because we did love every minute with them.” (NewsOK)

More stuff I’m reading

Rory McIlroy becomes iconic at the PGA Championship. (Grantland)

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