By the Numbers: Kansas State

Written by Kyle Porter
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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

2 – OSU now has two 1,000-yard passers on the season. Five teams came into Saturday with less than 1,000 yards passing.

5 – The last time OSU had five turnovers in a game? Iowa State last year (via @kellyhinestw). The Gundy-era record is eight against Baylor in 2005.

7,486 – OSU is on pace for 7,486 offensive yards this year. Only put up 7,148 last season.

2.9 – Joseph Randle had 43 yards on 15 carries (a 2.9 yards per carry average) — he’s now had two of his four worst games ever this season[1. The other two were his two bowl games].

14 – Gundy now has a 13-14 record in November, his only sub-.500 month.

135 – Charlie Moore had 135 receiving yards which is a new white guy single game receiving record in the Gundy era. Breaks his own mark of 129 from earlier this year.

221 – Collin Klein has now touched the ball 221 times in conference play. Zero turnovers.

30 – Weird stat here – OSU is 4-3 when scoring 30+ this season, 1-0 when they don’t.

8 – OSU moves to 51-8 under Gundy when outgaining its opponent.

504 – Hit the 500-yard mark on offense for the 5th time this season.

3.14 – Pi and the number of points Kansas State scored per drive against OSU. Came in averaging 4.08.

2.3 – Take out the pick six and the kick return and that number drops to 2.3. If your defense gives up 2.3 points per drive to Kansas State and you have the best offense in the country…you should probably win.

2-3 – OSU is now 2-3 when Joe Randle loses a fumble. 26-3 when he doesn’t.

3 – OSU has now given up three kick returns of 60+ yards. Tied for worst in the nation.

  • Lagershead

    2.9: Anyone besides me finally ready to use the words “disappointed” and “OLine” in teh same sentence?

  • LB

    Why wasn’t Quinn kicking the ball out of the end zone? Why continue to kick it where they had a chance to return it?

  • Greg

    100 – percent chance that this is an entirely different ball game with Chelf in for 4 quarters. His decision making would have opened up more lanes for Joe eventually.

    • So I guess Greg is going to be that guy. You sound like a sooner fan. Chelf was good, best 3rd string QB in football even but he wasn’t that different from Wes. Led one great TD drive, one led to a FG then threw an int when we had the chance to make it a game again. I not trying to take anything away from our scootering friend but let’s not pretend to know more than the coaching staff. Lunt is young and has a lot to learn obviously but he won the starting job for a reason.

      • I think we need to at least be a little open minded about what Chelf has to offer. I’ve always been aboard the Lunt train and not on the Walsh bandwagon, because Lunt had the Weeden-type characteristics, and his ceiling is higher than Walsh’s, and Walsh’s good play didn’t change that. Well, guess what…it was only a few plays, but I think Chelf looked somewhat Weeden-like.

        And you are right, Chelf threw an INT as well; it wasn’t like he was a complete miracle worker, but he’s also going to play a little bit riskier when the team’s down 14 with only a few minutes left. He has experience and the commentators said that it seemed like he was making quicker decisions.

        Don’t get me wrong…I believe Lunt is the future of our program, but at the same time, he has three more years.

        I see two extremes here. Anytime someone plays well in relief of someone else, they should be the starter, no question. The other is that Lunt should be the starter no matter what, and we should never, ever question that.

        • You make good points. I want the best guy out there…period. Doesn’t matter who that is. My point was that one decent half by our 3rd string QB doesn’t warrant he’s “the guy”. What got me was Greg’s 100% comment… was 100% stupid. I trust our coaches, don’t you?

          • Orangestateofmind

            Sometimes coaches may make mistakes… Cate over weeden… Reid over Robinson.

  • Jerod

    Did anybody notice when Brent made the comment that Gundy said Lunt wasn’t even going to start against TCU if Walsh hadn’t been hurt? I’m not sure if that was just Musberger talking or if Gundy actually said it, but it threw me for a little bit of a loop. Makes me wonder what’s REALLY going on with the QB situation.

    • Jameson Reynolds

      That’s true, they said that in the post game past week, but it was due to him to not being 100% healthy, not that he wasn’t the better qb

  • Greg

    Sorry to offend you Casey. Don’t be “that internet tough guy” (gal?) and twist your unmentionables in a knot over my minor opinion. Calm down, be civil and share your opinion. I’ll explain my comment a little further. I’m 100% certain that the quick decisions/throws that Chelf was making would have eventually caused the KSU defense to loosen the clamp on the running game. Statistically, Chelf had almost as many yds rushing as Joe. Those lanes should have been opening up for running backs with enough quick throws/completions. I didn’t say Chelf was better or Lunt had to go or anything like that. Just that it would have been different for the running game and that would have changed the game.

    You can probably argue that when Chelf came in, the game plan changed to suit his talents, so this may not be a comment directed at Lunt so much as a comment saying the game plan could have been adjusted to disrupt the defensive intensity of the front seven. Doesn’t have anything to do with trusting or lacking trust in the coaching staff. Just trusting my observational skills to recognize that there was a palpable difference in the offense’s(sp?) demeanor when Chelf came in. Or at least a difference in the way KSU played against them when he was guiding the ship. Didnt allude to this in my original post (thankfully) but I also felt he demonstrated great leadership to keep his guys focused. Not saying Lunt didn’t do it or can’t do it, but I do feel that IN THIS GAME that Chelf’s particular brand of leadership might have made a bit of a difference.

    I can see where you would have assumed I was taking jabs at players, but honestly I’m just too lazy to type anything this long (usually) on an iPad. Again, it was just my opinion. On a blog. Specifically existing to agregate, disseminate, and discuss the adventures of OSU athletics. Amongst other OSU fans. Sometimes opinions vary. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable. No need to get angry over it. DEFINITELY no reason to accuse anyone of being an OU fan! Geez…

  • Twatty

    Question: if OSU makes the switch to chelf going forward and he hits 1000 yards passing, are we the first FBS school to have 3 1000yd passers? Or at least one of only a handful?

  • Sorry about the OU fan comment….that was below the belt. All points taken into consideration and for the most part agree. But both guys turned the ball over and that was the difference in the ballgame…..100%. Next week = redemption.